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A Las Vegas Woman Was Charged with Killing Her 2-Month-old Son in 2019

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, December 22, 2022 11:53 pm

LAS VEGAS – According to her counsel, prosecutors withdrew a murder allegation against a Las Vegas woman suspected of killing her 2-month-old son in 2019.

Kristina Kerlus, then 29, was charged with murder and child abuse or neglect after the kid died in October 2018 from blunt-force head and neck trauma.

On July 25, 2019, the Clark County coroner’s office deemed his death a homicide, and Las Vegas police arrested Kerlus the next day.

At the time, a family member said the boy was harmed at a now-closed daycare establishment.

Kerlus expressed her thanks for the dismissal of her case three years later.

“After four years of fighting for my children, my case has been dismissed, and now I can focus on recovering from this trauma and, most importantly, on mending my three children, who are the genuine victims of this injustice,” Kerlus said in a statement. “I commend Mr. Wolfson and his staff for doing the right thing and seeing through the nonsense science of Shaken Baby Syndrome to do what was necessary.”

Kerlus also stated that, while the accusations against her were dropped, she was concerned that they could be reinstated because the charges were dismissed without prejudice, which meant she could be retried.

“The only thing that I wish the prosecutor would have done differently was to dismiss the case with prejudice, which means these charges can never come back against me, but they chose to dismiss it without prejudice which means that at any point in my life, the prosecutor can decide to recharge me for this case. “My hope is that there is still a method to dismiss this with prejudice, which my defense team and I are investigating,” she said. “However, this is unquestionably a victory for me and my defense unit. This win is significant not just for me but also for the majority of the medical community, which is aware of the forensic unreliability of Shaken Baby Syndrome, which leads to incorrect convictions. I hope that my case, trauma, and fight not only aid the other families who have been unfairly accused but also give individuals the courage to continue fighting and speaking their truth.”

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