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Holiday Travel Is in Full Swing Amid a Viral Storm. Doctors Warn of the “Tripledemic”

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, December 23, 2022 12:30 am

LAS VEGAS – The holiday season has begun, and millions of people are traveling in the midst of a viral storm. Doctors have issued warnings about the “tripledemic” that is wreaking havoc in our area.

“I believe what we are seeing in Clark County is comparable to what we are seeing nationally,” said Kimberly Franich, SNHD’s communicable manager.

According to Franich, one of the respiratory ailments is more prevalent.

“This flu season, in particular, is significantly worse than we have seen in the last decade,” said Franich.

“There isn’t really the mitigation that we have had in place for the last two years to prevent COVID, which I believe is contributing to the extra spread of RSV and influenza.”

According to the SNHD, approximately 19 people were hospitalized with the flu in December of last year, while over 260 people were hospitalized with the flu between December 4th and December 10th of this year.

“The tremendous surge in influenza that we are witnessing is much earlier than we have seen before,” said Franich.

The SNHD recorded 1,800 cases of RSV in November, a 200% rise over the same time last year when there were only 600 cases.

Clark County is now classified as a “medium” community for COVID-19, based on COVID hospital admissions and hospital beds occupied.

“We have all three of these respiratory infections circulating in the community, and that can be a source of concern, particularly for people with immune-compromised disorders or those over the age of 65,” said Franich.

With people traveling and gathering for the holidays, the Health District recommends getting vaccinated for the flu or COVID if you haven’t already, as well as taking basic precautions like washing your hands, throwing away tissues, and covering your mouth when coughing.

“If you are caring for someone who has an impaired immune system, or if you are caring for an old person, we advocate wearing a mask while indoors with other people,” added Franich. “You don’t want to bring back one of these three infections and endanger that person.”

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