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Chronic Absenteeism Persists in CCSD Despite District Efforts

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, January 30, 2024 8:25 pm

Despite implementing the “Every Day Matters” campaign to tackle absenteeism, the Clark County School District (CCSD) continues to grapple with alarmingly high rates of students skipping class, particularly in North Las Vegas.

Key facts:

  • Districtwide, 1 in 3 students are classified as chronically absent, missing over 10% of school days.
  • North Las Vegas high schools show particularly concerning rates, with Mojave, Cheyenne, Canyon Springs, and Legacy exceeding 42% chronic absenteeism.
  • CCSD launched home visits and after-school activity expansion initiatives to combat the issue.
  • District authorities express frustration with lack of support from Child Protective Services in holding negligent parents accountable.

Challenges remain:

  • The root causes of absenteeism haven’t been fully addressed, potentially requiring a deeper study into family circumstances and support needs.
  • Collaboration with Child Protective Services for parental accountability needs improvement.

Possible next steps:

  • Conduct a comprehensive analysis of factors behind chronic absenteeism in specific schools and communities.
  • Strengthen cooperation with Child Protective Services to ensure follow-up on parental neglect cases.
  • Explore alternative interventions tailored to address individual student needs and family situations.

Overall, while CCSD is making strides with initiatives like “Every Day Matters,” combating chronic absenteeism requires a multifaceted approach addressing both external factors and individual circumstances. Stronger partnerships with community organizations and improved coordination with Child Protective Services are crucial to achieve lasting success.

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One thought on “Chronic Absenteeism Persists in CCSD Despite District Efforts

  1. I want to know why CCSD believes diverting more efforts and more resources away from children who want to be at school and learn ,and pouring those resources and exhausting efforts into what this article quotes as “specific schools and communities” that , frankly, aren’t interested in putting education first.Why should they be incentivised with more “after school activity expansions” and “Every Day Matters” BS that the students themselves AND the parents don’t utilize? It’s a total disgrace and disservice to the kids who go to school, who don’t fight, who don’t cause problems…Why doesn’t this embarrassing district use the resources given and put energy into the children who have earned it with their attendance and performance? absolutely disgusted with CCSD.

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