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Disturbing Incident at North Las Vegas School: Substitute Teacher Accused of Forcing Students to Kiss

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, November 6, 2023 4:38 pm

North Las Vegas, NV – Shocking details emerged on Monday in an arrest report concerning a North Las Vegas substitute teacher, Rasheda Rose, who faces allegations of making inappropriate comments and coercing two 6th-grade students to kiss each other during a class. The incident took place at Legacy Traditional School – North Valley, located in the 5000 block of Valley Drive, leading to Rose’s subsequent arrest.

On October 12, at approximately 10:30 a.m., officers from the North Las Vegas Police Department responded to reports of “offenses to students” at the school. According to the police report, on October 10, Rose, who was serving as a substitute teacher, made inappropriate comments towards students and then instructed two 6th-graders to kiss each other in front of the entire class.

A witness reported to the police that Rose had been providing unsuitable guidance to the students, suggesting that “they were kissing each other wrong” and offering instructions on how to do it correctly.

The alarming incident unfolded on a day when Rose was substituting for six different classes, each containing around 30 students. An external agency had supplied Rose to the school, and she had begun working for the agency on October 3.

The situation came to light when several students and teachers reported the disturbing events to a member of the school staff, who subsequently informed the authorities.

One of the students involved recounted that Rose had deviated from the regular classwork and initiated a game called “Never Have I Ever,” during which Rose posed “inappropriate questions” to the students. She then asked the students to close the emergency blinds on the door, instructing them to do so even when they clarified that the blinds were intended for emergencies only.

Students further revealed that Rose inquired about their dating status, and when two students raised their hands in response, she directed them to the front of the class and instructed them to kiss. The students expressed their discomfort and reluctance, explaining that they felt compelled to comply because they were afraid of getting into trouble.

A student discreetly recorded a video of the incident, capturing Rose’s comments, including phrases like “Imma ask those two if they can give us a show” and “We’re not going to say anything.” The video, however, is incomplete because the student was attempting to record surreptitiously after Rose had declared that cell phones were not allowed in class.

Two students provided audio recordings of the incident, in which Rose can be heard saying, “What happens in Mrs. Rose’s classroom, stays in Mrs. Rose’s classroom.” She also encouraged other students to participate in similar activities and set deadlines for them to kiss before a specific date.

In a concerning turn of events, Rose also prevented students from leaving the class to use the restroom and provided instructions on how to delete messages and hide content on their phones from their parents. She even advised them on creating fake accounts.

One student’s mother, whose child was forced to kiss another student, reported that her daughter had been subjected to teasing and bullying since the incident, leading to her daughter’s distress and reluctance to attend school. The mother claimed to have attempted to meet with the principal without receiving a response.

During the investigation, an NLVPD officer received a call from Rose, who asserted that the students were behaving inappropriately and claimed that the entire class had acted in a “sexual manner.” The officer informed her that she would receive a call at a later date.

On October 31, a lawyer claiming to represent Rose contacted the officer, who explained that there was probable cause to arrest her on two counts of child abuse. The lawyer indicated that they would discuss surrender but failed to follow through.

On November 1, Rose visited the LVMPD headquarters, seeking a lawyer. The officer in charge of the case informed her that she would only be appointed a lawyer if she were arrested and reiterated that she had the right to remain silent. Rose then requested transportation to the LVMPD headquarters.

Rose was subsequently arrested on November 1 and taken to the North Las Vegas Community Correctional Center, where she faces two charges of child abuse or neglect. Her next court appearance is scheduled for January 8.

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