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Dog Owners Accuse Las Vegas Groomer of Mistreating Pets, Raising Concerns and Questions

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, February 22, 2024 1:36 pm

Las Vegas, NV – Multiple dog owners are accusing a Las Vegas pet groomer, Lucky’s Pet Grooming and Boutique, of mistreating their animals. The claims, which include paralysis and injury, have sparked outrage and raised questions about the facility’s practices and oversight.

Case of Tuffy:

  • Makisha Davis alleges her 4-year-old Maltese Yorkie mix, Tuffy, was paralyzed while being groomed in December 2023.
  • Davis claims she received no clear answers from staff about the incident and a veterinarian diagnosed Tuffy with a ruptured disk requiring expensive surgery.
  • Unable to afford the treatment, Davis made the difficult decision to euthanize her beloved pet.
  • Animal control investigated but ultimately couldn’t determine the cause of injury due to lack of evidence.

Similar Experiences Reported:

  • Other clients have come forward with similar stories, alleging their pets sustained injuries at the same groomer.
  • Margarita Bicana claims her dog suffered a fractured jaw after being brought in for grooming.
  • Negative online reviews have surged, with many owners sharing photos and videos of their injured pets.

Groomer’s Response and Ongoing Investigation:

  • The owner of Lucky’s Pet Grooming and Boutique declined an on-camera interview but denied the allegations.
  • Animal control confirmed they’re investigating the incident involving Tuffy and are reviewing previous complaints.
  • The City of Las Vegas is looking into Channel 13’s inquiries about past investigations.

Concerns and Next Steps:

  • This situation raises concerns about pet safety at grooming facilities and the effectiveness of oversight mechanisms.
  • Davis, determined to prevent similar incidents, plans to raise awareness and seek legal action.
  • The ongoing investigation by animal control and potential further inquiries by the City of Las Vegas could shed light on the allegations and lead to appropriate consequences, if warranted.

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One thought on “Dog Owners Accuse Las Vegas Groomer of Mistreating Pets, Raising Concerns and Questions

  1. So glad I have return of my dog , even though she was shaved top to bottom and I did not recognize her! That was not a ‘grooming’! [I also had to call after1 1/2 Hrs, to ask why she was NOT returned home .] She had red, marks on her and she seemed drugged upon her return from a Mobile Groomer. They had her too long.. but I insisted upon her return. She did not recognize me until today. She has a defensive edge to her personality right now, but hoping that will mellow once she realizes she’s safe and home. These stories are important and I hope you keep printing them as a warning!

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