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Las Vegas City Council Will Develop City-Run Animal Shelter

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, January 11, 2023 1:37 am

LAS VEGAS – One member of the Las Vegas City Council is advocating for the city to consider building its own animal shelter seriously.

Staff from the Animal Foundation, the city of Henderson, and other non-profit facilities in the Valley made a presentation to Councilmember Victoria Seaman during last week’s city council meeting.

In the event that the city could establish its own shelter, it would cost $35 million to build and $6 million each year to operate.

In 2021, the Animal Foundation held 12,000 animals from the city. A city-run shelter would require more than 200 dog kennels, according to city authorities; the Animal Foundation has 535. Staff considered a three-acre property near the Animal Foundation.

“There were homeless people on the streets. At one point, there was no animal control that would go out and collect up animals. “As a world-class city, we must ensure that we care for our creatures,” Seaman added.

Last fall, a sickness outbreak interrupted intake for several weeks, resulting in an increase in the number of strays on the streets.

The City of Las Vegas must support the Animal Foundation with $3 million per year until 2025, and a construction bond of $660,000 each year until 2027. According to Seaman, the contract requires spending oversight to be done through an audit.

The councilwoman pushed the effort in October to approve an audit of the Animal Foundation, which was unanimously approved. The audit contract is being completed, and an audit can take up to 68 weeks to complete.

“One of the advantages [of a city facility] may be oversight. “One of the advantages is that we have control,” she explained. “Let us do what is right for our constituents and our animals,” Seaman urged.

Other council members expressed concerns at the meeting, and Mayor Carolyn Goodman inquired about finances.

“Most importantly, where will the money come from? “Are we going to give up some money?” According to Goodman. “We will continue to deal with an infinite amount of creatures,” she stated.

Councilwoman Olivia Diaz stressed the need of resolving present issues with the Animal Foundation before considering a new facility, especially because the city has already committed to spending millions in financing.

“I feel like I need the statistics to show the investment is warranted,” Diaz added.

Seaman stated that she will work with staff to gather more statistics on city shelters other jurisdictions of similar size and provide it to the city council.

Credits: Fox 5 Vegas

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