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Las Vegas Judge Braves Attack, Returns to Work While Attacker Remains at Large

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, January 4, 2024 6:39 pm

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – A Clark County District Court judge is demonstrating remarkable resilience after being attacked in her own courtroom on Wednesday. Judge Mary Kay Holthus, though sore and shaken, returned to work the following day, determined to maintain the integrity of the court and ensure the safety of all who enter.

The attack, as reported by the 8 News Now Investigators, occurred during the sentencing of Deobra Redden, a 30-year-old three-time felon. As Judge Holthus prepared to deliver Redden’s prison sentence for attempted battery with substantial bodily harm, he lunged over the bench, launching a vicious assault.

Thankfully, Judge Holthus managed to take cover and suffered only minor injuries. However, court marshal Shane Brandon sustained a head injury and required medical treatment. Law clerk Michael Lasso also received medical attention for hand abrasions.

“We commend the heroic acts of Judge Holthus’ staff, law enforcement, and all others who subdued the defendant,” declared Clark County Chief Judge Jerry Wiese, praising the swift response that prevented further harm.

Judge Holthus, while expressing gratitude for the well-wishers and those who intervened during the attack, remains understandably shaken. “She is extremely grateful for those who took brave actions during the attack,” Judge Wiese conveyed.

Meanwhile, Redden remains at large, having refused to appear for his initial court appearance on Thursday. The District Attorney’s office sought to hold him without bail, but the judge postponed the decision until Redden’s presence is secured.

In the wake of this unsettling incident, the court is taking proactive measures to enhance security. Crisis services have been made available to those impacted by the attack, and additional security personnel have been deployed to bolster courtroom coverage. Additionally, the court is pushing for increased marshal positions to ensure robust protection in high-risk scenarios.

“This was a very unique situation,” Judge Wiese emphasized, “and we are doing what we can to maintain the integrity of the court and the safety that we have here.”

The attack on Judge Holthus serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers faced by those who uphold the law. While the incident is unsettling, it also highlights the remarkable courage and dedication of Judge Holthus and the court staff who ensured the safety of all involved. The community stands with them in their continued efforts to maintain a safe and just court system.

Credits: 8 News Now

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One thought on “Las Vegas Judge Braves Attack, Returns to Work While Attacker Remains at Large

  1. how did this criminal get out of the courtroom after his diving act? what the hell is going down there that you can assault a judge and then just walk out of the courthouse and disappear?

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