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Las Vegas Takes Off: FAA Approves New Executive Airport for Space Tourism Hub

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, July 3, 2024 12:55 pm

The dream of a Las Vegas Spaceport inches closer to reality as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) grants crucial approval for a new executive airport near Pahrump, Nevada.

This 240-acre facility, situated on the desert outskirts, is envisioned as the cornerstone of the ambitious spaceport project. Last month, Clark County commissioners unanimously greenlit construction permits, paving the way for this significant development.

“The FAA’s approval is a monumental step forward for the Las Vegas Executive Airport and the broader vision of the Las Vegas Spaceport,” said Robert Lauer, CEO of the Las Vegas Spaceport. “We are energized by the support we’ve received and are eager to continue this journey.”

Lauer emphasizes the project’s potential to create a thriving space economy, bringing thousands of high-paying jobs to the Las Vegas community, Clark County, and Nevada as a whole.

The new airport is expected to serve as a launchpad for both commercial and private space tourism ventures, positioning Las Vegas as a major player in this burgeoning industry. Groundbreaking for the project is anticipated within the next three months.

This news comes amidst growing interest in space tourism, with companies like Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin actively developing their spaceflight programs. Las Vegas, known for its entertainment and adventurous spirit, seems poised to become a prime destination for those seeking an out-of-this-world experience.

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One thought on “Las Vegas Takes Off: FAA Approves New Executive Airport for Space Tourism Hub

  1. We are in competition with New Mexico for some of this space/aviation business. The Reno Air Races might have moved to Roswell NM, instead of NYE County. I wonder if the new airport site might be problematic because of flooding and dust storms?

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