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Three Burglary and Robbery Suspects Have Been Arrested in Nye County

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, November 20, 2022 11:40 pm

Three Burglary and Robbery Suspects Have Been Arrested in Nye County

LAS VEGAS – After an investigation into a burglary and robbery earlier this month, the Nye County Sheriff’s Office has arrested three people.

On the morning of November 11 at approximately 2 a.m., two young guys, one entering the store and the other on the lookout, took a large number of disposable vapes from the Rebel Gas Station at the intersection of Basin Avenue and Highway 160, according to detectives.

In the early hours of November 13th, a man, who police suspect to be the same as the previous burglar, entered a supermarket near the intersection of Winery Road and Highway 160. According to the police, the man robbed the business with a firearm and made off with disposable vapes.

On November 15, police searched the belongings of 20-year-old Tyler Jackson, who had been arrested on an unrelated warrant, and found many disposable vapes.

To Jackson’s credit, he did confess to his involvement in the burglary of the Rebel Gas Station during his questioning, and his confession strongly suggests that Myles Leach was also present at the crime scene.

When police arrived at Leach’s house to serve the search warrant, they reportedly took him into custody on burglary-related charges.

Breeze Keliihoomalu, 18, of Pahrump was arrested when officers discovered brass knuckles on him during the search.

However, on November 16 investigators followed tips they received over social media that led them to suspect 18-year-old Michael Guerrero Jr. in the burglary.

Guerrero confessed during an interview that he and Jackson robbed the Rebel Gas Station.

Through interviews with the suspects and witnesses, police were able to determine that Jackson falsely accused Leach of involvement because he was angry at him and wanted to shield Guerrero from potential consequences.

After that, Leach was no longer held in connection to the burglary at the Rebel Gas Station and was eventually released.

In connection with the burglary and the false accusation against Leach, Jackson was arrested and lodged into the Nye County Detention Center.

Commercial burglary
The crime of burglary conspiracy
Accepting the delivery of stolen goods
intentionally attempt to get a criminal arrested
As a result of the crime, Guerrero was arrested and taken to the NCDC.

Arson at a company
Acquiescence in the commission of a burglary
Keliihoomalu was also arrested for having brass knuckles and placed into NCDC.

The NCSO is still looking into the robbery that happened on November 13.

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