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After a Driver Let a Stranger Ride Her Son’s School Bus, Carson’s Mother Spoke Out

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, September 22, 2022 2:04 am

After a Driver Let a Stranger Ride Her Son’s School Bus, Carson’s Mother Spoke Out.

NEVADA – Natasha Malone goes to work every day, hoping her son will get to and from school safely. But the nine-year-old told her that a random man threatened him after he gave him the middle finger a week ago. He goes to Bordewich Bray Elementary School.

“He began to tell me about what he had done. Malone said, “I was really mad at him when I found out that he had flipped off this person before I even knew what had happened.” “I got mad at him, put him in time out, took his phones, tablets, and everything else.”

Once she found out that Michael Baxter, age 54, had followed the bus and yelled at her son, “What are you doing? Do you want your head to fall off?” She made a move like she had a gun, and then she started calling.

“I left messages, but no one got back to me,” Malone said.

When she called the Carson City School District Safety Services, she didn’t get the answer she was hoping for.

Malone said, “It was almost a bother for them to have to deal with what had just happened.” “She told me that the Carson City Sheriff would get in touch with me, but I had to bring my son back to school and tell him to forget about what had happened. It was sad, she said. Like, “I’m the one giving him nightmares by not letting him go to school, and I told her that you guys didn’t protect my son.”

The report, which was given by the police and includes interviews with the driver, Baxter, and the student, says that the driver let Baxter on the bus because he knew him and wanted to teach the disrespectful student a lesson.

Surveillance footage shows that the child is “obviously upset” when Baxter yells at him, but deputies say they don’t know if he had a gun in his holster or not.

When deputies talked to the driver, he said, “If (Baxter) had a gun, that would be a problem,” but he said he didn’t know if Baxter had a gun or not.

“I can’t believe he was punishing my kid, that’s my job. “You should have gone to someone else, anyone else, and never gotten on that bus. Malone said with tears in her eyes, “He loves school, he has goals, he wants to play in the NBA, and his dream is to play against Steph Curry.” “He’s afraid to go to school now. I’m too afraid to let him.”

The child told the police that his cousin told him to make an offensive gesture to the driver behind them or his cousin would tackle him.

Now that she has taken her son out of school and is looking for other options. She will also start counseling to help her son deal with what happened.

The Sheriff’s Office said that both men were free and that most of the students who were on the bus that day had been interviewed with no “impacting reevaluations.”

CCSD received two requests for their comment, but they told us that for now, they wouldn’t say anything more than what was said in their statement last week, which said:

“The case is still being looked into, including how the person was able to get on the bus. Employee issues are handled by the school district itself. Discipline issues with employees are private. But district officials follow up on every allegation that involves a district employee. The safety of students is their top priority.

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