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Carson City Mom And Dad Arrested After Investigators Find Baby With Bruises; Drugs Within Reach

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, February 13, 2023 1:33 pm

NEVADA – According to a Carson City Sheriff’s Office booking record, a man and woman were detained on Saturday for a variety of alleged felonies, including child endangerment and inflicting serious bodily harm.

Clarence Tobin Burnett, 32, and Alexandria Nicole Villanueva, 27, both of Carson City, were arrested when their 9-month-old baby was discovered to have serious bruising while living in an apartment that had multiple substances within reach of the infant, including fentanyl.

They were also charged with child negligence and endangerment, possession of a controlled substance, using a controlled substance in the presence of a child, two counts of gross misdemeanor possession of brass knuckle, and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia. Burnett was also wanted on a misdemeanor outside agency misdemeanor warrant.

According to the arrest record, deputies from the Carson City Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to the 200 block of Allouette Way in response to a male who allegedly made suicidal comments about wanting to murder himself and his 9-month-old baby.

Officers arrived at the front door and asked the man if he wanted to hurt himself. No, said the man. When deputies inquired about his son’s whereabouts, the guy replied that he was upstairs. Deputies inquired about the infant, and the dad led them upstairs.

Officers discovered that text messages had been sent to the mother warning her that her child was in danger. According to officers, the child’s mother put herself into a facility and was detoxing from fentanyl. Officers then learned that the facility did not take her and that she went home and was inside her vehicle asking for assistance, according to the arrest report.

Deputies wanted to examine the text conversations while dealing with the child’s father upstairs, who was carrying the child in his arms. According to the arrest report, he agreed and gave over his cell phone to a deputy, who discovered multiple messages indicating he intended to kill his kid and himself. The individual indicated that he wished to seek treatment for his addictions.

During a safety sweep of the apartment, deputies discovered a “tooter straw” with suspected heroin residue on a sink in the upstairs bathroom, as well as many pieces of aluminum foil with burn marks. On a dresser, there was also a white, chalky substance that looked like a crushed-up tablet.

Because of the child’s living situation, the Department of Child and Family Services was notified. During the safety sweep, deputies detected a strong odor of urine in the child’s bedroom and discovered a dirty diaper on the floor, as well as a filthy bottle of milk on the window ledge that had begun to form bubbles due to sitting out for so long. A cat litter box next to the bathroom was filled with old cat pee and excrement, and there was a dirty diaper on the floor in the master bedroom.

Deputies from the CCSO investigating division asked for and were granted a search warrant for the apartment. Deputies discovered the following:

— In the upstairs bathroom, a purple tooter straw with suspected heroin inside was found next to a metal rod.

— 4 pieces of foil with burn marks on the floor adjacent to the master bed

— 1 burnt-out piece of foil on the dresser next to the master bedroom

— On the dresser, there are two purple tooter straws.

– Fentanyl suspected on the dresser

— Fentanyl was discovered in a metal bowl on a nightstand in the main bedroom.

Found a bottle of 15 Adderall tablets on the nightstand’s bottom shelf

— A burnt-out piece of foil next to the nightstand

— A baby binky blanket on the ground, close to four pieces of burnt foil

— A metal jar on the kitchen counter with probable drug residue

– A black cell phone as proof

— 4 pieces of burned foil in a hole in the bathroom wall

— two sets of brass knuckles

According to deputies, the distance between the floor and an open bottle of Cyclobenzaprine was roughly 11 inches, as was the distance between the floor and Adderall. The distance between the floor and the top of the nightstand where the probable fentanyl was found was around 20 inches.

The newborn was assessed, and the following findings were made:

– He has a severe diaper rash on his buttocks.

– He has a 2-inch bruise on his right buttock.

— A wound on the sole of his left foot

— Mark of strangulation around his right calf

— A bruise above his left breast on his chest

— Red markings on his torso’s left side

— A bruise on the right thigh.

The youngster had direct access to many pharmaceuticals and illegal drugs due to the conditions of the residence and both parents being strong drug users, according to the report. There was severe bruising on the infant’s body, which led to the arrest of both parents. Burnett’s bail is $41,015; Villanueva’s bail is $40,000.

— All information for the crime log (unless otherwise specified) is taken from arrest reports provided by the Carson City Sheriff’s Office and is considered public information by law. Until proven guilty in a court of law, all subjects are presumed innocent. Carson Now’s policy is to identify everyone arrested for a felony offense.

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