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Donald Trump Set to Win Nevada GOP Caucuses, Demonstrating Control over Republican Party

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, February 8, 2024 8:23 am

Donald Trump, the former president, is expected to win the GOP caucuses in Nevada on Thursday, securing his third consecutive victory in the Republican presidential race and reinforcing his strong influence within the party.

Notably, former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, Trump’s main Republican challenger, decided to skip the caucuses, claiming they were rigged. Instead, she participated in Tuesday’s symbolic GOP primary, where she suffered a resounding defeat under the “none of these candidates” option, which was favored by Trump supporters and disenchanted voters.

Despite facing numerous legal challenges, including 91 criminal charges spread across four separate cases, more and more Republicans are showing support for Trump. His influence is evident in Congress, where Republicans rejected a border security deal against his wishes, and at the Republican National Committee, where there are rumors of Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel possibly resigning, sparked by public speculations from Trump himself.

However, Trump’s candidacy faces unique risks compared to other major contenders. A federal appeals panel recently ruled that he can stand trial for charges related to planning to overturn the results of the 2020 election, dismissing his immunity arguments. Furthermore, the U.S. Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments on Thursday in a case challenging Trump’s eligibility for the 2024 presidential ballot. This case stems from his attempts to overturn his loss in the 2020 election.

Despite these challenges, Trump’s popularity among Republicans, including in Nevada, remains unwavering.

In Nevada, the GOP decided to forgo a primary election required by the Legislature and opted for caucuses to determine delegate allocation. This decision, supported by Trump’s team, gave the party greater control over participant selection, favoring Trump over other candidates. However, this system left some voters confused, as they had to choose between participating in the caucuses or the primary.

As the sole major candidate remaining in the caucuses, Trump is expected to secure all 26 of Nevada’s Republican delegates. With a strong position moving into March, as the Republican calendar intensifies, he is on track to reach the 1,215 delegates needed for nomination.

While Trump and Haley won’t face each other in Nevada on Thursday, they will compete in the Republican caucuses in the U.S. Virgin Islands to secure the territory’s four delegates.

Caucuses require candidates to build grassroots support and allocate resources to organize efforts, ensuring voter turnout at specific times and locations. This system particularly benefits Trump because of his extensive support from the party’s base and the groundwork his team has done to engage with local party members.

Trump recently visited Nevada and is scheduled to return to the state on Thursday to celebrate his expected victory.

According to Trump’s campaign, their early efforts are laying the foundation for Nevada’s pivotal role as a battleground state in the upcoming general election, positioning themselves against Joe Biden.

“Nevada is a pivotal state in the general election, and the work we’re doing for the caucus and organizing now will yield results in the coming weeks as we enter the general election against Joe Biden,” said Chris LaCivita, Trump’s senior campaign adviser.

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