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Kathryn Nance Is Confirmed as Police Chief by the Reno City Council

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, January 11, 2023 11:37 am

RENO, Nev. (775 Times, NV Globe) – At an open meeting on Wednesday, the Reno City Council overwhelmingly approved Kathryn Nance as the city’s next police chief.

Nance was previously recommended for the position by the Reno city manager.

Later on in the meeting, she is anticipated to take her oath of office.

Nance has 26 years of police enforcement experience, according to the City.

She is the Stockton Police Department’s deputy chief of operations at the moment.

“Kathryn brings the experience, dedication, and determination we’re looking for in our next Chief of Police,” said Reno City Manager Doug Thornley. “We know public safety is a top priority for our residents, as is a Chief of Police who’s relatable and able to connect with individuals from all backgrounds. I have every confidence she will lead us well in continuing to build a safe community that people are proud to call home.”

About Kathryn Nance:

Nance, who has been in law enforcement for 26 years, is presently the deputy chief of operations for the Stockton Police Department, where he is in charge of approximately 400 sworn and professional staff members and a $107 million budget. She formerly held the positions of Patrol/Special Investigations Police Lieutenant, Patrol/Investigations/Task Force Sergeant, Police Captain of Strategic Operations, and Deputy Chief of Logistics with the Stockton Police Department. Nance holds a bachelor’s in criminal justice and is now working for a master’s in education (expected completion in 2023).

Nance belongs to the American Leadership Forum, the National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives, and Women Leaders in Law Enforcement.

“My leadership skills, extensive police experience, and commitment to organization wellness fit the expectations for Reno’s next Chief of Police,” said Nance. “As Chief, I will use data-driven policing to enhance deployment and create crime reduction strategies. I will also work to develop a department-wide mission and overall plan that supports the department and community needs, while strengthening the department and providing stability for employees.”

In addition to their five-year-old grandchild, Nance and her husband, James, have four blended children who range in age from thirty to twenty-three. They’ve always wanted to go to northern Nevada, claims Nance. They are prepared to make this change since they have family in Nevada, especially their eldest son. They eagerly anticipate Reno’s lively outdoor lifestyle and strong feeling of community.

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