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Nevada Embraces Nature’s Return: Human Composting Now Legal

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, January 4, 2024 7:39 am

NEVADA – Nevada has joined the growing wave of states embracing a unique and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional burials and cremations: human composting. This new law, effective January 1st, allows residents to choose a final transformation that nourishes the earth, rather than releasing carbon emissions or occupying limited land.

Assemblyman Max Carter II, the bill’s sponsor, was personally motivated by the loss of his wife. “If this can help somebody feel a little bit better about the passing of a loved one, it is all worth it,” he shared. He envisions his wife’s memory returning to the land she cherished, offering solace and closure.

But what exactly is human composting? Tom Harries, CEO of Earth Funeral Group, explains it as a gentle, 45-day process where microbes convert the body into nutrient-rich soil. This soil, typically two to three pounds, can be used for planting, scattering, or land restoration projects, allowing families to create a meaningful and lasting tribute.

Harries highlights the environmental benefits of human composting compared to cremation, which he describes as “hard to be excited about.” Decomposition processes are naturally carbon neutral, contributing to a more sustainable way to handle death.

With an increasing demand for eco-friendly options, Earth Funeral has already witnessed over 1,000 people signing up for their services in the Pacific Northwest. While Nevada residents currently need to transport their bodies out of state, Earth Funeral plans to establish a facility within Nevada soon.

Human composting offers a choice for those seeking a final embrace by nature. It’s a reminder that death can be a catalyst for new life, returning precious elements to the Earth and leaving behind a legacy of sustainability and meaningful connection.

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