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Nevada Secretary of State Responds to Concerns Over Voter Registration System

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, March 23, 2024 5:25 pm

Nevada Secretary of State, Cisco Aguilar, has issued a detailed response to a letter sent by Wisconsin Representative Bryan Steil, addressing concerns raised about the state’s voter registration system. The letter from Chairman Steil highlighted coding errors in files used to update the voter registration history during the Presidential Preference Primary, emphasizing the importance of a transparent and error-free election system.

In his response to Chairman Steil, Aguilar acknowledged the incident regarding voter history messages on the office’s website, stating that the errors had been promptly identified and rectified. Taking responsibility as Nevada’s chief officer of elections, Aguilar outlined the steps taken to address the issue and ensure the integrity of the state’s electoral processes.

Aguilar emphasized the need for a unified statewide Voter Registration and Election Management System (VREMS) to streamline data processing and enhance efficiency. He highlighted Assembly Bill 422 of the 2021 session, which facilitated the transition to a centralized system, demonstrating bipartisan cooperation in funding and implementing the VREMS project.

Furthermore, Aguilar underscored the significance of consistent federal funding for election administration, stressing the critical role of skilled personnel and adequate resources in safeguarding the electoral process. He called for a non-partisan approach to election funding, citing the importance of addressing threats and challenges faced by election workers.

Expressing gratitude for support from Nevada’s congressional delegation, Aguilar urged for sustained federal investment in elections to ensure their security and integrity. He urged Chairman Steil to prioritize discussions on federal funding for election administration and the protection of election workers, highlighting Nevada’s proactive measures in enhancing safeguards for electoral personnel.

In conclusion, Aguilar reassured Americans that Nevada remains committed to conducting secure, accessible, and fair elections, pledging to uphold the highest standards of electoral integrity and transparency.

The response from Secretary of State Cisco Aguilar underscores the state’s dedication to maintaining a robust electoral system and addressing concerns to ensure confidence in the democratic process.

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