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New Program Aims To Fast Track Educator Licenses; Carson City School District Explains

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, February 7, 2023 3:13 pm

NEVADA – The Carson City School District has developed a new teacher preparation program for bachelor’s degree holders.

The Grow Your Own educator preparation program was developed in collaboration with iteachNEVADA and is intended to assist the district in hiring more certified teachers in light of ongoing shortages in the sector.

They claim that the initiative will expedite the process for bachelor’s degree holders to earn a teaching license via non-traditional routes.

The CCSD will have complete control over the recruiting process for teaching candidates, with iteach providing free exam preparation and adopting responsibility for the development, management, and evaluation of all coursework and educator platforms.

It will also provide educator preparation without requiring university enrollment. The district plans to publicly launch the initiative on Feb. 13 in the district office’s boardroom at 3:30 p.m.

Applicants are urged to bring their laptops in order to receive assistance with the application process. In addition, two Amazon gift cards will be distributed at random to attendees.

In addition, the CCSD will repay the full cost of iteach tuition for any candidate recruited by the district who completes the program while employed as a substitute teacher in the district.

“We are looking to recruit individuals of our local community who have obtained college degrees and have pondered becoming a teacher but may have been discouraged by the burdensome licensure process,” said Carson City School District Superintendent Andrew Feuling. “Goal 1 of our district’s Strategic Plan, Empower Carson City 2027, is to recruit and retain great staff. This initiative will help us achieve precisely that.”

For their field experience, candidates will be assigned a supervisor who will give mentorship, advice, and official observations. The district will use former principals to guide these new candidates.

“Investing in those who already know the school community and the students is the best way to alleviate teacher shortages,” stated Andrew Rozell MBA, president of iteach. “Therefore, establishing a ‘Grow Your Own’ program with iteach is an effective way to provide students with highly effective teachers who are already familiar with the students and schools without incurring the costs and resources required to establish and maintain a district-wide educator preparation program.”

Here you may register for the event. You can also call the CCSD at 775-283-2130 for more information.

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