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$100 Million For ‘Free’ School Breakfast And Lunch

Back in February, Democrats estimated the appropriation to be $53 million

By Megan Barth, May 17, 2023 9:55 am

“There is  no such thing as a free lunch” is an expression that speaks to the idea that everything has a cost and nothing is truly free. Ultimately, it is the forced adherence to someone’s bidding and Nevada Democrats have submitted a variety of “free”  proposals that come with a hefty price tag for Nevada taxpayers.

A bill regarding universal breakfast and lunch for schoolchildren continues to make it’s way through the legislature and is sponsored by Democratic Assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui (AD-41). The bill will be heard Friday, May 18 at 8 AM.

Assembly Bill 319 makes appropriations to the Department of Education for the purpose of awarding grants of money to Nevada school districts to provide universal “free” breakfast and lunch for Nevada pupils. According to the fiscal notes, the appropriations total $100 million; $50 million for FY 2023-2024 and another $50 million for FY 2024-2025.

The appropriation would provide all students with “nutritious meals, no matter their zip code, regardless of their family’s financial status.” (emphasis added)

Back in February, Democrats estimated the appropriation to be $53 million.

In a statement through her caucus, Jauregui notes: “…this program will ensure that every child in Nevada has access to the nutrition they need to thrive. We owe it to our students to provide them with a quality education and research shows part of that is ensuring they do not go hungry. By providing universal access to breakfast and lunch, we recognize the importance of education and the health of all Nevada students.”

Many argue that we owe it to our students to provide curriculum, structure, discipline, and choices they need to thrive–no matter of their zip code and regardless of their family’s financial status.

As reported by The Globe, Nevada ranks at the bottom in every educational category and violence has escalated in our schools since Restorative Justice measures were implemented through statute by the Democratic majority in 2019.

Although Governor Lombardo has budgeted a historic $2 billion for education, his education reform proposals which include school safety, school choice, and opportunity scholarships have been tabled or killed by the Democratic majority.

Instead of places of learning, schools have morphed into day care centers–void of disciplinary action and parental responsibility. As Democrats continue to prioritize special interests over school choice and opportunity, this latest proposal will ensure even more dependency on a zip-code based system that is, by all metrics, an abysmal failure.

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Megan Barth
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One thought on “$100 Million For ‘Free’ School Breakfast And Lunch

  1. Thank you for the report. I’ll chime in with facts that I’m happy to back up personally.

    CCSD did this already. The kids who had long been approved through verification through the USDA. It was a dump drop for whatever reason.

    Kids who had long been eligible, get to school super early and families who were verified as low income.

    The kids with the drop that CCSD did, (just after the pandemic restrictions were lifted), were then in gigantic lines and DID NOT get to eat.

    I wrote about it in numerous places. The same CCSD Nutrition Services, during the health crisis, would not allow for community vetted organizations to pick up meals (breakfast/snacks/lunch), to deliver to the students. That money and the food was already allocated, pre-pandemic. It takes at minimum two years to twelve months for that type of support.

    I’m wondering just as an opinionated lady is this measure to cover the tracks of where the USDA funding went? Is this another “compassionate” dump?

    Our tax dollars should and out to be tracked, invoiced and stealthily accounted for.

    Not lumped in with stories of do-gooders.

    There has to be and must be transparency.

    CCSD did this already folks. I’m still wondering where did so much money go during the shutdowns?

    Kindergarteners doing PE online on the stairs at the weeklies?

    My goodness, stop with insulting the intelligence and experience of who you purport to support.

    It’s just plain annoying and ridiculous at this point. Start listening and stop speaking.

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