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Moms for Liberty founders Tina Descovich and Tiffany Justice (Instagram:@Moms4Liberty)

CCSD Trustee Labels Parental Rights Group A ‘Cancer’

Trustee Linda Cavazos publicly targeted Moms for Liberty using SPLC propaganda

By Megan Barth, September 15, 2023 3:31 pm

Following the Clark County School District (CCSD) Board of Trustees meeting last night, CCSD District G Trustee Linda Cavazos took to Twitter to target Moms for Liberty, referring to the parental rights group as a “cancer” and tried to substantiate her claims by citing the widely discredited Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)–an organization whose propaganda has inspired violence.


An informative expose from one of the largest legal firms representing, in part, parental rights and free speech, notes:

The SPLC realized that the more “hate” they could gin up, the more money they could raise. Eventually, their definition of hate included huge swaths of well-respected, mainstream, conservative America. In truth, the only reason SPLC considers many of these groups to be “hate groups” is that they disagree with the SPLC on hot-button cultural issues. One former leadership official admitted that the group’s goal was not to productively engage with ideological opponents (the so-called “hate groups”), but to “destroy” them.

Although Trustee Cavazos is using SPLC’s propaganda to label the nationwide organization as a “cancer”, she may not realize that her public tweet will likely benefit a forthcoming lawsuit filed by Moms For Liberty against the SPLC for designating the group as an“extremist” coalition of “far-right antigovernment parents” known for “intimidating and harassing teachers and school officials.” Adding that Moms for Liberty is “one of the most recognized names in the anti-student inclusion movement.”

In response to the SPLC’s defamation, founder Tiffany Justice told The Daily Wire: “The designation is being used widely by the media. There are people, liberal activists, that are using it to try to hurt our chapters, to try to hurt our moms,” she continued. “The SPLC has put a target on the back of every American mom and dad. Shame on them.”

Justice’s claims have merit:

The Globe found Moms For Liberty Clark County Chapter Chair and asked for comment in response to Trustee Cavazos smear.

Chair Cristiane Mersch told The Globe:

The public comments by CCSD Trustee Linda Cavazos regarding Moms For Liberty are adolescent and uninformed but nonetheless extremely concerning. To have a member of the CCSD Board of Trustees publicly exhibit such wanton bias and overt disdain against any group or individual is unprofessional and calls into question the impartiality of that individual.

Moms For Liberty is a national organization with approximately 300 chapters in 46 states with a membership well in excess of 120,000 members. And it continues to grow rapidly. Why? Moms For Liberty believes parents have the fundamental right to direct the upbringing of their children. And that certainly includes their education. Parental rights do not stop at the classroom door. Parents are not obligated to co-parent with the government or any of its attendant subdivisions such as the CCSD and have every right to participate in and have their voices heard by policy setting officials like Ms. Cavazos. Moms For Liberty seeks to hold decision makers accountable and to create awareness around the policies they set that impact children.

While Ms. Cavazos ill-informed comments about Moms For Liberty are unfortunate, such defamatory rhetoric will not silence the voices of parents, family members and friends where warranted against policies detrimental to our children. Moms For Liberty seeks nothing more than to unify, educate and empower parents to take a more active role in the education of their children.”

Founded in 2021 by two former school board members in response to pandemic-driven school closures and mandates, Moms For Liberty’s is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization. The organization’s mission is to “organize, educate and empower parents to defend their parental rights at all levels of government.”



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Megan Barth
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6 thoughts on “CCSD Trustee Labels Parental Rights Group A ‘Cancer’

  1. Dear Trustee Cavazos,

    You are uninformed and I have respected you as a CCSD Trustee, when you were president and your capacity as a mental health professional.

    As an individual I am a member of the new local chapter of Moms for Liberty. I’ve been a supporter nationwide for some time.

    I’m also listed on SPLC website as a new voter. Would be interesting how things could be spun from the name calling and division on who I am as an individual.

    Before making accretions, have conversations and seek understanding.

    Trustee Cavasoz, I implore you as a local trustee to please not buy into the media hype, think critically and to not echo “talking points” , it helps no one and creates a further divide and polarization that is not becoming at ALL to the nonpartisan role of CCSD Trustees.

    Kind Regards,
    Elise Carey – Las Vegas, NV and Moms For Liberty member.

    1. your comment shows you do not realize what you are up against, to be praising some lib that wants to take your kids and eliminate any ability you have to be involved in the education of your children shows that you do not grasp your enemy and their belief that you need to be eliminated,that you are a threat to their desire to teach your kids to hate this country, confuse and twist their gender issues and take away your ability to stop any of it. wake up and see your enemies for what they are,not what you want them to be,these people are declaring that you are a terrorist and you are making nice with them,i am sure that will make them see things your way /sarc off

  2. I don’t know Elise but that type of thinking is what gave us Obama for 8 years and was a big factor in the terrible situation this country is in now.

    1. Please possibly forgive my being hopeful and my past tense compliment and of the individual. Hoping that sunlight and some sense of positivity can wake up those shrouded in darkness. Newly woken up, new voter, new to a lot and shocked by the evil, was taught to trust the suits and hate the American flag. Hoped have hope and spoke to the possibility that there was some semblance of ignorance from the social Justice bully influence and not plain evil. As a new voter not accustomed to identity and one’s moral comas being rooted in political ideologies. It’s very strange but see it’s very real and very scary. No freedom of thought no right or wrong just an allegiance not matter how atrocious. One party behaves this way. The one we were taught was the inclusive one. Hope grace can be granted for many of us who are realizing we’ve been lied to our entire lives. Learning the ropes and already used to being called a sellout.

      1. its not for any of us to “forgive” you, you just need to remember that these are not the democrats of the 80’s and 90’s, these people are very public about how you are their enemy and need to be “re-educated” or cancelled because you don’t believe the same things,these people fear reality, the truth and facts have been cast away in the pursuit of political “purity” and complete and idiotic belief whatever they decide is the “truth”,that feelings trump facts. you will be fine, just remember that the tv and the mainstream media is lying to you.
        when your liberal friends give you grief for even asking awkward questions about the silly crap they still believe,you will find they will box you out,reality is a scary thing for them.
        I am glad you see whats real

  3. Toxic rhetoric is only something that comes from “right wing “??? Is this going to inspire another “Bernie Bro” to act as one did on the DC softball field?

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