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EXCLUSIVE: Chattah And Gilbert File Second Remdesivir Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Lawsuit alleges defendants negligently administered ‘dangerous, experimental drug’ for the treatment of a Covid-19 infection

By Megan Barth, December 28, 2022 10:48 am

Attorneys Sigal Chattah and Joey Gilbert, on behalf of the estate of Marlene Strano, have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Mountain View Hospital and attending staff in their use of the “deadly and experimental drug” Remdesivir for the treatment of a Covid-19 infection.

As reported exclusively by The Globe, this is the second wrongful death lawsuit they have filed on behalf of plaintiffs who lost a loved one due to renal failure allegedly caused by Remdesivir.

In part, the plaintiffs allege that the hospital and staff violated Nevada law, violated medical ethics, acted with negligence, and were motivated by financial incentives in their treatment of Covid-19.

The plaintiffs claims include (see below):

  • Strano was generally admitted to Mountain View Hospital on November 20, 2020. Her vital signs, pulse ox, and WBC count were normal after 3 days on a bi-pap machine for treatment of bilateral, patchy pneumonia.
  • Yet, for “reasons unclear to the plaintiffs” the hospital weaned the patient off the bi-pap machine, moved her to ICU, and intubated her due to “respiratory failure despite the fact that her vital signs were stable, her pulse ox was normal, and her chest x-ray was improving.”
  • After completing the Remdesivir treatment, the patient developed seizures that required multiple medications and days later went into hypotensive shock.
  • Patient died on December 7, 2020 with a diagnosis of acute hypoxic respiratory failure, septic shock and renal failure.
  • Remdesivir received Emergency Use Authorization after being recommended by an NIH panel that “contained 9 individuals with financial ties to its creator, Gilead Sciences.”
  • As an EUA product, Remdesivir cannot be mandated by law and given to a patient against their wishes without full informed consent amounts to human experimentation in violation of the Nuremburg Code which states that “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.” (emphasis added).
  • Patients must be advised that they have a 99.7 percent chance of surviving Covid without Remdisivir and the odds of their dying increase exponentially if Remdesivir is administered and their odds of survival drop when Remdesivir is combined with intubation.
  • Patients must be told there are numerous treatments against Covid-19 and are inexpenxive. Plaintiff’s were not not provided this information and were given Remdesivir against their wishes “as part of a protocol designed to harm them and to enrich the hospital.”

The Globe is expecting a comment from Chattah and will update the story when received.

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Megan Barth
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4 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Chattah And Gilbert File Second Remdesivir Wrongful Death Lawsuit

  1. Thank You So Much For all your doing. This is personal to me after being hospitalized in Vegas and having a horrible experience I chose Not to ever Go to hospital or doctor in Nevada again. I have my reasons for choosing to suffer and die slowly in Pain, which everyone Thinks They are conspiracy theories and Im Paranoid. I am 60 years old and have pluerisy amongst other things Im a Republican, Trump Supporter I’m Administrator for The Peoples Movement (The Peoples convoy) Where they said we were enemies of the state and domestic terrorists. I am on Medicaid/Medicare also. For the Past 4 years I have said If I ever go to the Hospital here I might as well crawl in on my knees with a White Flag because I wont be coming out I will be a Number in Gates and Bidens Population control. The Hospitals in Nevada have been Doing everything mentioned in Both Lawsuits of Joeys They been Doing This for at least 6 years I can remember. God Bless You Both Joey and and Sigal for Exposing these Monsters and Hopefully They are brought to Justice. You are My Heros. I am Truly Grateful and Appreciate You Both for The Unselfish Things you do For Others. Thank You So Much. You touch So many peoples lives such a Positive Way and bring light to some dark places. Love You. I Support you 100% Always Donna M Hatfield

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