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Galena High Grizzlies Baseball Team has been suspended due to disturbing allegations found in lawsuit filed June 1. (Photo: @GalenaBombSquad)

Lawsuit Reveals Disturbing Allegations Against Galena High Baseball Team

In response, Washoe County School District has suspended the program

By Megan Barth, June 12, 2023 2:13 pm

A lawsuit (see below) filed by Attorneys Sigal Chattah and Joe Gilbert against Washoe County School District (WCSD) and unnamed and named defendants, including Beau Walker, the Galena High School varsity baseball coach and the school’s Dean of Students, reveals disturbing allegations of libel, harassment, sexual and physical assault, stalking, bullying, racism, death threats, child pornography and embezzlement within the Galena’s Grizzlie’s baseball team.

The lawsuit, was filed in the United States District Court on June 1 on behalf of Brooklyn Toni, a former team manager for Galena High baseball, and Dominique Jardin, a mother and legal guardian of an unnamed ex-Grizzlies baseball team member who, along with Toni, was forced to withdraw from the team and leave the school due to the alleged abuse.

Galena Baseball Varsity Coach Beau Walker. (Photo: Galena Baseball)

In response to the lawsuit, WCSD has suspended all activities of the Galena High baseball program.

As detailed in a report by KRNV:

“The safety and security of our students is always our top priority,” Washoe County School District public information officer Victoria Campbell wrote in an email to Nevada Sports Net and KRNV. “To ensure the safety of all our student athletes, the Washoe County School District has made the decision to temporarily suspend all activities of the Galena High School baseball program. This includes all off-season programming and the use of facilities.”

“In response to the various social media posts by counsel and their supporters, the Washoe County School District asks the community not to jump to conclusions based on allegations found in lawsuits,” Washoe County School District chief general counsel Neil A. Rombardo wrote in a news release to NSN and KRNV. “The District’s employees work hard every day to provide a Safe Respectful Learning Environment for our students, and it deserves its day in court like any other entity. Unlike opposing counsel, the Office of the General Counsel will not litigate this matter in the media, social media, or online posts, instead we look forward to vigorously representing our clients against these allegations in court.”

In response to Rombardo’s claims, Atty. Sigal Chattah told The Globe:

“Student safety and security should never be compromised for athletic ambition. In response to Counsel Rombardo’s claims, there have been no social media posts by the plaintiffs or counsel.  In fact, the county had not been served with a lawsuit prior to various students posting the action on social media. We look forward to litigating the merits of the complaint in court.”

The lawsuit has made the rounds on social media, reportedly on SnapChat, and has raised public concern and outcry. A review of the team’s website indicates that Beau Walker is not prominently listed as a coach on the home page, but remains listed in subsections of the website.

Attempts to reach Walker and the plaintiff’s were unsuccessful. This is a developing story.

Editors note: the lawsuit believe contains graphic descriptions and may not be suitable for certain readers:




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