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‘Less Than Expected’ Early Voting in Clark County for NV Primary Election

DeRiso: ‘If people want change in Nevada, they have to vote’

By Megan Barth, June 14, 2022 11:06 am

Today is primary election day in Nevada and according to past accounts, midterm primaries garner an average of a 25-30 percent turnout. In a presidential election year in 2020, 29.1 percent of registered Nevadan’s voted in the primary. Today is the last day Nevadans can turn in their ballot or vote in person.

This year, the turn out in Clark County during early voting was only 12.9 percent per Joe Gloria, Clark County Registrar. The Washoe County totals can be found here and show a slight edge of Republicans during the final days of early voting.

Political consultant Lisa Mayo DeRiso told The Globe that turn out in Clark County “is less than expected.” She added, “We were looking and planning on a 30 percent turnout. More people will have to vote today to meet those expectations. This morning, looking at he numbers, 3,800 people voted this morning by 9 am.  I don’t necessarily see that there is going to be a big rush by 7 pm when the polls close, but I would love to see a big rush. People can still turn in their mail in ballots today. But, I just don’t see long lines. Not that I want long lines, but if people want change in Nevada they have to vote.”

A search at 10 am this morning shows that a little over 10,600 voters in Clark County have cast their ballot. Washoe County does not provide similar real-time numbers.

Clark County is offering a new service providing Southern Nevadans with an Election Day Posting Log which can be found here and unofficial election night results will be posted after 7pm.

The Globe will be covering the primary election and will provide any breaking news and related election day information throughout the day.


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