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GOP Senate Candidate, Adam Laxalt, speaks at Rise Up Rally in Las Vegas, NV. (Photo: Megan Barth for The Nevada Globe)

OPINION: Adam Laxalt Is The Right Choice for Nevada

‘Although I am a proud member of the Democratic party, I intend to vote for Adam Laxalt for U.S. Senate this November’

By Bob Barengo, September 13, 2022 10:55 am

As a lifelong Democrat and former speaker of the Nevada Assembly, politics has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I must admit I am deeply concerned with the current political environment. Partisan divisiveness has reached a fever pitch. The Democratic party is rapidly moving to the far left while the Republican party continues to embrace fringe factions of the far right. So much time is wasted fighting about frivolous issues and party politics and we have lost focus on what really matters: the people.

That is why it is critical we elect smart, reasonable, level-headed leaders who will set partisanship aside and work across the aisle to deliver results for families and workers.

This fall Nevadans will have an opportunity to do just that. Although I am a proud member of the Democratic party, I intend to vote for Adam Laxalt for U.S. Senate this November. And I urge you to do the same.

I’ve been around politics for more than forty years – and perhaps it is because I am from a different era – but I still believe that the character of an individual is the single most important determinant of how he or she will perform in public office. That is a fundamental reason I am inclined to support Adam. He was raised by a single mother and leads a life of sobriety after overcoming addiction at a young age. He is a dedicated husband, proud father, a man of deep Christian faith, and Iraq War Veteran who has served our country with distinction. He has a good head on his shoulders and has demonstrated a deep interest in the fine points of policy. Perhaps most importantly, Adam cares deeply about his community and the people he serves. At a time when faith in our politicians is at record lows, Adam stands out as the type of leader we can trust to watch out for our best interests.

Far too many of our political leaders have lost focus of what’s important. Nothing gets done anymore. It seems that all they care about is landing big cable news interviews or publishing the most provocative social media posts. They answer to big donors and make quick decisions that don’t always align with their value systems, or those of the people they have been elected to represent.

And it is regular folks in Nevada and across the country that pay the price for this inaction.

It breaks my heart to see what is happening in our state. Nevada has the fifth highest gas prices in the country and families are struggling to pay their bills in light of surging inflation. There is a crisis at our southern border and Fentanyl deaths are rising by the minute. Homelessness is higher than it has ever been and teachers are unable to find sustainable housing. These are issues that impact all of us. But they have become so partisan and politicized that everyone seems too timid to actually address them.

We need leaders that will work together for the common good even in a rocky political climate. Adam is that type of guy. I have no doubt that Adam will proactively work with Democrats and Republicans alike to address key issues facing families and workers. He understands that not everyone will agree on all issues, but there are ways to find common ground. And I expect he will work hard to turn those areas of agreement into actual policy.

As we look at the ballot this November, I urge you to look at the character of the person you are voting for, regardless of their political party. Adam Laxalt is a great man with a proven track record of standing up for important issues and fighting for Nevadans.

I am voting for Adam Laxalt for U.S. Senate, and I hope you will join me.


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