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Rep. Mark Amodei (CD-2) (Photo: Nevada Newsmakers)

Rep. Mark Amodei: ‘You’re Not Going to Beat Steve Sisolak By Telling Everybody What a Jerk He is’

‘If Dean (Heller) can get back to being Dean, he’s going to be strong’

By Megan Barth, November 3, 2021 6:37 am

In is first interview since announcing his reelection campaign for CD-2, Mark Amodei sat down with Sam Shed of Nevada Newsmakers to talk Steve Sisolak and the Republican candidates vying to unseat him. Amodei teased a run for governor, however, yesterday he announced his commitment to run for CD-2.

Although he believes that he could have beaten Sisolak and that Nevada needs a change in leadership and direction, he says his responsibility to represent Nevada in Congress and his responsibility to his voters requires his ‘maximum effort’. Running for Governor would be a ‘disruptive thing’ and ‘not the responsible thing to do.’  If Republicans take control of the house, and he is reelected, there is a strong chance Amodei would be the subcommittee Chairman no Appropriations which he said is ‘good news for Nevada’.

Rep. Mark Amodei (CD-2). (Photo: official portrait)

Weighing in on the Republican primary for Governor, Amodei said he wouldn’t be surprised if some candidates dropped out because it’s going to require money, knowledge of the issues and an ability to execute. But no one is going to beat Sisolak by running a traditional campaign and ‘telling everybody what a jerk he is.’  Although he disagrees with the Governor on many issues, Amodei said ‘I don’t disrespect the Governor. He’s the Governor. I’m an old guy. You respect people. Even if you disagree with them politically. How is that for political suicide? If you think you’re gonna beat incumbent Democratic governor in a Democrat, registered state, I mean, let’s face it, Nevada’s a blue state, and so when Donald Trump ran into 100,000 vote wall in Clark County in 2016 and 2020, that’s nothing against the president. But it’s like, Hey, if you haven’t got a plan for how you’re going to do that, then guess what? Have a nice day with your campaign. You’re not going to get sworn in.’

Regarding a pre-primary endorsement, Amodei stated he was going to show respect for the voters and let the voters decide, then get behind the nominee of their choice. ‘The Democrats support the Democrats and I am a Republican, so this should come as no surprise.’

Shed pivoted to asking Amodei’s opinion about the Republican candidates, starting with former US Senator Dean Heller;

‘Well, I don’t know who’s doing Dean’s work.  Quite frankly his consultant for what 20 years or so (Mike Slanker) is spending millions of dollars running ads to tell you what a jerk Dean Heller is. Voters really think it’s like, so you worked for this guy for 20 years, and now you’re running ads that say he was a jerk the whole time?  If Dean can get back t0 being Dean, then he’s going to be strong.’

Joe Lombardo:

‘I’m familiar with the sheriff.  He’s got Heller’s old consultant as part of his deal. The early rollout looks like typical, let’s go bash the other person. In other words, it’s like, I want you to vote for me because you should hate everybody else, as opposed to if you’ve got strengths, highlight those strengths. and the other thing is, and this is just from Republican circles, there are issues out there where how you deal with those issues.  I’m a believer that you deal with them head on. But, how you deal with past stuff regarding defunding, Second Amendment, Sanctuary County. I don’t think you go out there and say, Hey, let’s just hope they forget all that.’

Michelle Fiore:

‘I’m not ruling anybody out. Michelle’s got some some history. She’s been around the block and stuff like that. So she should she be taken seriously. But Michelle’s an example, not the only one, but an example of everybody should have their say. But the challenge for Nevada Republicans will be, and it’s not new, is how do you come together behind your candidate after the voters have picked?  But, if we’re just going to have a longer run of how everybody else sucks, and therefore vote for me, I just don’t think that’s the recipe for success.’

Joey Gilbert:

‘I haven’t talked to him but it looks like a real campaign to me. He’s hit a nerve with with a lot of Republicans in a positive way. I don’t know what his plan is. But, quite frankly, there’s people that are excited about it.

When asked about John Lee, Amodei referred to John as a ‘work in progress’ and questioned his switch of parties, but also recognized that he also switched parties in 1988.

Throughout the interview, Amodei stressed the need to have a plan to win independents, especially in Clark County. ‘The Democrats in Clark County turned out 100,000 strong, so if you as the Republican nominee, the number two registered party down there is is all the independent folks. You better have a plan.’

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  1. Unfair lockdown where mom pop stores shuttered and big box – and grocery stores were open is not an issue. ????
    Union stadium, convention center projects etc kept open….churches closed… another issue. Not Sisolak a jerk but unfair heavy handed policies.

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