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Donald Trump arrives at victory party in Las Vegas after First in the West Caucus (Photo: X)

Trump Takes Nevada, Nevada GOP Takes A Bow

Despite predictions, the First in the West Caucus turned out 60,000 registered Republicans at hundreds of precincts across the Silver State

By Megan Barth, February 9, 2024 4:49 pm

Last night, nearly 60,000 registered Republicans voted for former President Donald J. Trump in the Nevada GOP First in the West Caucus for the presidential nomination, securing 26 delegates needed for the  convention. Trump received more votes in the caucus than his opponent Nikki Haley who lost in the state-run Presidential Preference Primary (PPP) to “None of the Above.”

Trump has now swept three key primaries on his way to South Carolina where he is expected to win Haley’s home state by double-digit margins.

NV GOP Caucus results. (Photo: USAToday)

Early reports of long lines came in from across the state, with some locations processing thousands of ballots within hours.

From a caucus in Red Rock Calvary in Summerlin, Kash Patel, former Deputy Assistant to Trump told The Globe, “At my own precinct and other locations across the state, thousands of people were lined up to caucus for President Trump. I’m thrilled to see the outpouring of support in my home state and another great victory for the campaign. Nevada, which will be the key to the West this November, has some of the greatest patriots in the nation and I’m proud to call it my home.”

Thousands like up in Summerlin, NV to cast their ballot in the NVGOP Caucus. (Photo submitted by Kash Patel)

The First in the West caucus was held on one day for 2.5 hours at hundreds of locations through out all 17 counties and required a photo ID to cast a ballot, as opposed to the PPP which allowed for 8 days of voting via mail, and limited “voting centers.”

The NV GOP and thousands of GOP volunteers had to overcome many obstacles thrown in their way by consultants and the press. Despite the many voices in Nevada incessantly predicting “chaos,” “confusion” and low-voter turnout, the state party managed to engage the grassroots and deliver precinct results within hours of the polls closing.

The final numbers from the State Run Primary held on February 6th have yet to released.

A petition to add a Voter ID initiative to the 2024 ballot was present at over 100 precinct locations across the state. Founder of Repair the Vote David Gibbs told The Globe that hundreds of volunteers have been gathering signatures since December. Repair the vote needs 102,362 signatures by the end of June for the initiative to appear on the November ballot.

Voters wait in line to cast their ballot at a precinct in Henderson, NV (Photo submitted by a voter)

The initiative, filed in early November, would amend the State Constitution to require that all persons voting in person present an approved photo identification before being provided a ballot. It also requires that voters submitting a mail-in ballot provide additional verification of their identity when completing their mail-in ballot.

Although a lawsuit was filed against initiative, Repair the Vote vows it will continue their signature gathering efforts. This is the second lawsuit filed by Marc Elias’s team against Nevada’s Secretary of State related to Repair The Vote’s attempt to introduce Voter ID in Nevada. Elias also influenced changes to election procedures in a variety of states during the 2020 election by filing dozens of  lawsuits and legal challenges.

NV RNC National Committeewoman Sigal Chattah told the Globe:

“The grassroots came out in strong numbers that can be directly attributed to the hard work, over many months, by thousands of our volunteers.

Nevadans are also fired up and inspired by Trump’s America First policies–policies which will only help and protect hard working families across Nevada who are facing increasing household costs due to Biden and the Democrat’s reckless, America Last policies. 

Despite the fact that many obstacles were thrown in our way, we had one of the best caucuses in history, without spending tax payer money, and we will continue to promote fair and transparent elections that only a caucus and Voter ID can provide.

At a victory rally after the caucus, President Trump addressed hundreds of supporters at the Treasure Island casino.

“Go back home, rest, and then come back,” Trump told the crowd. “If we win the state of Nevada, it’s over for them.”



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