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A vacant lot listed as a voter's address in Washoe County (Photo from exhibit in PILF writ)

Election Integrity NonProfit Files Writ To Clean Voter Rolls in Washoe County, Marc Elias Intervenes

The Nevada Gaming Control Board, liquor stores, parking lots, and tattoo parlors are listed on the county’s voter rolls

By Megan Barth, June 20, 2024 1:24 pm

The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) filed a petition for mandamus to force Washoe County, Nevada election officials, specifically interim registrar Cari Ann Burgess, to investigate and fix commercial addresses on the county’s voter roll.

According to the complaint, the county, through a “Media Production Specialist” for the Registrar of Voters, responded to their initial request submitted in April 2024, but then referred the foundation to the Secretary of State.

Since before the 2020 election, PILF has been notifying Nevada election officials about commercial addresses on the voter roll. During their investigation they found voters registered at casinos, vacant lots, gas stations, strip clubs, and fast food restaurants.

Follow-up investigations by the foundation in 2024 revealed hundreds of questionable addresses remain on the state’s voter roll. Highlights of some of these addresses in Washoe County include the Nevada Gaming Control Board, liquor stores, parking lots, and tattoo parlors.

In PILF’s writ (see below), exhibits highlighting business addresses and vacant lots are listed on voter registrations in violation of Nevada law. According to state statute, a P.O. box or a business cannot be listed as a home address. Under Nevada law, individuals are required to register to vote where they live.

Additionally, state law requires election officials to perform routine voter list maintenance to ensure the voter roll is accurate.

In the video, PILF mentions that the Hustler Strip club in Las Vegas is listed as a home address for a voter which coincides with the recent finding from Drew Johnson, the republican challenger to Rep. Susie Lee (D-NV) in Nevada’s third congressional district.

As The Globe previously reported, PILF published their review of a 2023 report issued by the Secretary of State that provides an accounting of mail ballots from the midterm 2022 election. The raw data shows, according to PILF’s President J. Christian Adams, that “Automatic mail ballots are a disaster and the Nevada numbers prove it.”

According to PILF’s 2023 report, 95,556 ballots were sent to an undeliverable or “bad” address and another 8,036 were rejected upon receipt. 2,133 were from registered Democrats; 2,307 were from Republicans; and, 3,596 were from Other. Another 1.2 million ballots never came back to officials for counting. In other words, 71.5 percent of mailed ballots were unaccounted for.

In summary of their review, PILF notes: “As states expand mail voting, Nevada’s 2022 midterm elections offer an alarming case study of close results as they relate to rejected, unreturned, and undeliverable ballots. Nevada’s U.S. Senate race was ultimately called four days later on a margin of 7,928 votes, which determined party control for the chamber. A total of 8,036 rejected ballots out of nearly 513,000 returned may not seem significant, but in this context, it is a reasonable question as to what can be done to reduce the failure rates.”

Yet, cleaning voter rolls to comply with state law is a “disastrous election system fix” that “threatens voting rights” according to Marc Elias, the peddler of the Russian collusion hoax and an activist lawyer who works on behalf of the Democratic party and their activists to intervene in elections by filing numerous lawsuits, specifically in battleground states.

Elias continuously challenged a Voter ID ballot initiative, but in an unanimous verdict, Elias was defeated in the Nevada Supreme Court.

The Elias Law Group has now intervened in PILF’s petition for a writ of mandamus and claims that their members and constituents would be forced to “expend substantial resources to educate voters and protect them from baseless attacks on their eligibility.”

“If the Court grants such relief, Respondent Burgess — and other clerks and registrars across the state — will be flooded with third-party demands to investigate all manner of alleged peculiarities in the voter rolls, based on unsourced, unverified, and unsworn information,” the Elias Law Group further warns in their complaint. “Petitioners are not the only ones making such demands. Nevada is in the midst of a storm of baseless efforts by third parties to force election officials to undertake a rushed purge of registered voters before the November election.”

In an interview with The Federalist, Adam’s, who formerly served in the U.S. Department of Justice and was appointed to President Trump’s Advisory Commission on Election Integrity responded:

“He does this all over the country. He spools up these progressive astroturf organizations and they file a legal brief, which they have done in our case, which we have to respond to, that says, ‘Oh, if you listen to these evil conservatives, there will be eligible people improperly removed from the rolls.’ Nonsense,” said Adams.

“Marc Elias is in the business of defending the riches of a disastrous elections system with universal vote-by-mail that are sending ballots automatically to thousands of bogus addresses,” Adams added.



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