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Kash Patel and President Donald J. Trump (Photo: @Kash on Truth Social)

Kash Patel: ‘The Two-Tier System of Justice is the Deep State’s Weapon of Choice’

Our wide-ranging, two-part interview covers the Trump trials, President Biden’s border crisis, the related national security threats, and draining ‘The Swamp’

By Megan Barth, June 8, 2024 12:30 pm

Editor’s note: This is Part Two of our interview with Kash Patel, Senior Advisor of National Security and Defense for President Donald Trump. Part One can be found here.

Which policy was the best deterrent under President Trump that that Biden overturned?

That’s a good question. 

I would say it’s a tie between the “Remain in Mexico” policy and President Trump’s utilization of the National Mission Force to declare the border a national mission priority, thus allowing us to use DOD and intel assets to go down to Mexico and take it to the cartels. 

It was a combination of things that really helped us deter people, and by us saying, “Don’t come here illegally or leave immediately, don’t ship us your drugs and stop participating in human smuggling… If you don’t, we’re gonna come down and get you.” So it was both keeping them out and then going down South of the border and getting after it. 

The Biden administration said for years “there is no crisis at the border.” 

That for us, in the national security realm, precludes us from utilizing certain assets until and unless the President declares it a national crisis–a national security crisis. President Trump did that, and that is why we were allowed to use big ships to patrol the seas and use overhead surveillance to check out what the cartels were doing and where they were. 

Then, with the assistance of Mexico, we could go and close those operations down within Mexico. You can’t do that until you recognize the problem as a national security crisis. Once you do that, you have the authority to allow DOD and the intel community to do more. But without that, they don’t have that authority to do it. So the Biden administration shut all that off because, to them, there was no crisis.

Trump exits the stage in Reno, NV, December 17, 2023. (Photo: Megan Barth for The Nevada Globe)

Between Iran, China, and the U.S. Border, how does each rank as a national security threat? 

To me, it is tied between the three. There is the CCP fentanyl trade, which is exploding. The border, Iran, China, fentanyl is inextricably intertwined. 

If you take on the border, you take on America’s biggest problems–the cartels, the narco traffickers, the fentanyl guys, the CCP and Iran. The border has been exploited by Iran, the CCP, and the cartels since we’ve had this open border policy to feed not just cartel guys, human smugglers and criminals, but terrorists. 

The FBI and DHS have admitted that they’ve they have lost at least two dozen terrorists within the territorial boundaries of the United States of America who came in illegally.

Iran has used our open border to seed terrorists into America. That, to me, is a national security crisis. Why the Biden Administration is not doing anything to find them is just inexplicably scary.

We are their number one enemy, and they’re the largest state sponsored terror. Not only did Joe Biden give them $6,000,000,000, but we have absolutely no idea of how their nuclear weapons program is progressing because Biden is basically letting Iran do what they want, unlike the Trump Administration. Iran’s weapon program is another national security crisis that Biden is ignoring and essentially saying the U.S wants back in the Iran deal.

When you have an open border, you’re going to get the worst of the worst. They’re obviously not sending their best, as Trump always says. 

Groups like Al Qaeda and Isis–which are now back on the rise–the one thing they have is patience. They’re sending these people into everyday towns, and I’ve said this on national TV, not to do anything today or tomorrow, but maybe next year or three years down the road. 

They’re just staging their operation. It is like they did with 9-11. 

Kash Patel, Senior Advisor of National Security and Defense to former President Donald Trump (Photo: Kash Patel)

In President Trump’s first term, he received criticism for not doing enough to “Drain The Swamp.” He has repeated this slogan at recent rallies and talks about the two-tier system of justice. If he couldn’t fix what was broken before, how does he fix it if he wins in November?

For me, the two-tier system of justice, and I told President Trump this, is the Deep State’s weapon of choice. 

I think it is the one thing that he has exposed to Americans, and he is doing it successfully. I think everyday Americans after this verdict, even Democrats, said, “Okay. That’s enough. I don’t like it and I don’t necessarily agree with President Trump on this for that, but what they did to Trump in New York was absolutely unconstitutional.” So, I think the messaging has been working. 

If you wanna talk about the one of the biggest con jobs I’ve ever seen, Hunter Biden’s laptop was known to be real in 2019. 

I can’t stand Bill Barr. You can put that on the record.

When Bill Barr was the Attorney General, he and his FBI and DOJ knew the contents of the laptop were real, had it in their possession, and verified it. Yet, Barr still let the “51 intel agents'” letter out and didn’t tell America that that letter was a lie about the laptop being Russian disinformation. Fast forward to Hunter’s trial. Now, Merrick Garland’s DOJ, of all people, put a witness on the stand during Hunter Biden’s trial. A witness who is an FBI agent who says the Hunter Biden laptop is real and has been real since 2019. 

How is it that Bill Barr failed to correct the record a week before the election when he was the Attorney General of this investigation? 

It just goes to show you how treacherous the swamp is. It’s not a Republican or Democrat thing. It’s just an anti-Trump thing. 

That sentiment has been captured by not just that case, but when you go down to the classified documents case in Florida and you find out what we found on the last month: that the Biden administration actually possessed the boxes in Washington DC, shipped them down to Mar a Lago, and then issued an arrest and a search warrant that was unconstitutional. 

When did the documents become illegal? In transit?

If that weren’t bad enough, we now caught Jack Smith lying to the federal judge in the documents case about the documents and where they were found, and now they’ve been forced to admit that they don’t know if they could match up where the documents were found. They lied to the court about it, previously, and that is why Judge Cannon is issuing these evidentiary hearings. The media is now losing it because she’s following the constitution. 

So for me, it always comes back to the two-tier system of justice, and there’s no greater fighter to it than Donald Trump who has put it out there for the American people to see it. I think that is why you see him continue to fight, because that is what motivates him– to fix it. 

I think it’s going to be a central pillar of his campaign from now until November. You know it is working because you have people like James Comey and Andy McCabe who authored the Russia collusion hoax, signed the bogus FISA warrants, and lied to federal judges. Both of them this last week came on TV and said, “we are afraid that Donald Trump is going to weaponize the system of justice.” 

I don’t know if there has been a greater hypocritical statement. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! The guys are worried that Donald Trump is going to use the constitution to enforce the laws, but they’re labeling it as a “weaponized system of justice.” I find that ironic. 

President Trump definitely took a chunk out of the swamp, but the problem was he didn’t know how vast and deep it was. I don’t think many do or did. 

Again, it wasn’t a Republican or Democrat thing. It was a uni-party establishment class that had been seeded into DC for decades. Donald Trump was the first one to go in there and rip the lid off of how they operated for these last 50 years. So, I think he did a good job starting it, and I understand that people were pretty upset at him for not cleaning the whole place out, but I believe 100 percent he will finish the job should he go back next January. 

Because now he gets it and he has learned, as we have all learned, that the swamp was way deeper and way more sinister than we ever thought.  

What does finishing the job look like? 

I think to me, finishing the job would be restoring the constitutional, single-tier system of justice. To not find people and make up crimes for political vendettas. To have an intelligence community and national security apparatus at DOD. Focus on the national security mission, which is the border. Once again ending the forever wars, taking on the CCP, Iran, and Russia, and our other adversaries around the world.

To me, a President who focuses on those things is mission critical and mission success for the American people. Right now, we’ve seen the Biden administration weaponizing every one of those issues in agencies and departments for political gain and we’re living in the consequences: two more world wars, a disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, 13 dead soldiers, and the DOD has continued to drone strike children in response to it to try to take a victory lap and lie about it to the American public.

So, it’s pretty scary right now and President Trump is the only one who can fix it.

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  1. Often it seems a suspect is “found” to be “incompetent to stand trial”. – so DAs, judges are important, but the s a whole gaggle of psychologists, psychiatrists and probation people that help skew the system.

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