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Actor Dean Cain as Superman in "Lois & Clark). (Screenshot Yahoo News)

‘Superman’ Flies Into Nevada US Senate Race

Actor Dean Cain vows to ‘chip in’ to fight against Senator Jacky Rosen

By Megan Barth, June 6, 2024 11:02 am

Superman Dean Cain, star of ‘Lois & Clark’, revealed Senator Jacky Rosen (D-NV)  is not his Lois Lane in politics and is kryptonite to the republic as seen in his post made on X (formerly Twitter). In response to Senator Rosen’s fundraising appeal to “restore reproductive freedom, lower costs for hardworking families and preserve democracy,” Cain flew into the chat, responding “I want you to lose” and vowed to “chip in to fight AGAINST you.”

Cain, who was raised in Malibu, CA sold his Malibu manse and moved to Henderson, NV last year. At the time, Cain told Fox News: “Everything’s wonderful about [California] except for the policies. The policies are just terrible. The fiscal policies, the soft-on-crime policies, the homelessness policies.”

A former Democrat who voted for Bill Clinton twice and Al Gore in the 2000 election, a decision that Cain came to regret, switched parties and has voted for Republican presidential candidates ever since. He has thrown his support behind Donald Trump “100 percent” and is active in conservative politics, telling Yahoo News, “I am at a different stage in my life where I give my opinions. You know if I want to talk about politics, it’s because I think my opinion is valuable and I can make a difference. You may not be into politics, but I promise you politics is interesting, and it’s going to affect everything that you do.”

In the interview with Fox News, Cain notes that many celebrities are fleeing California to states with lower taxes, yet many Hollywood celebrities and California moguls have donated heavily to Senator Rosen’s campaign.

Senator Jacky Rosen’s top donors (Screenshot FEC)

As reported by The Globe, Democratic donors from California, New York and Massachusetts have contributed close to $4 million to Senator Jacky Rosen’s reelection campaign. According to FEC documents, out-of-state donors accounted for over 90 percent of the approximate $3.2 million Rosen raised in the last quarter of 2023, compared to less than 9 percent donated by Nevada residents.

Rosen leads all GOP candidates in fundraising with over $10 million cash on hand and has highlighted her bipartisanship credentials during her reelection campaign, although she votes with Biden 93 percent of the time.

Sen. Rosen stumps for Biden/Harris in 2020. (Photo: @RosenForNevada)

Rosen’s bipartisan push comes at a time when Biden continues to plummet in the polls, trailing Trump by two to six percent margins with Silver State voters.

A recent poll confirms that only 38 percent of Nevada voters indicate that they approve of the job that President Biden is doing while a majority of the electorate – 53 percent – disapprove of the job he is doing. Almost half of the electorate (46 percent) “strongly” disapprove of Biden.

In April, the Cook Political Report moved the Nevada U.S. Senate race from Lean Democrat to Toss Up.

According to public records, Cain has yet to endorse or make a contribution to a GOP candidate in the Nevada Senate race. Although former President Donald Trump teased an endorsement in the critical race, he has remained neutral despite receiving endorsements from candidates Captain Sam Brown and Trump’s former Ambassador to Iceland Dr. Jeff Gunter.

Attempts to reach Cain for comment were unsuccessful.




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