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Dr. Jeff Gunter, GOP candidate for U.S. Senate (Photo: Jeff Gunter for US Senate)

GOP Senate Candidate Dr Jeff Gunter Launches Multi-Million Dollar Ad Campaign

Former Iceland Ambassador under President Trump will spend over $3 million on ads prior to June 11 GOP primary

By Megan Barth, April 2, 2024 12:08 pm

A scoop picked up by Fox News reveals that Dr. Jeff Gunter, former Ambassador to Iceland under President Donald J. Trump, is launching a $3.3 million ad campaign throughout Nevada ahead of the June 11th primary. The ads will run in all major television markets, radio, digital and include texting.

Gunter seeks to oust his primary opponent Captain Sam Brown who has received endorsements and financial backing from a number of Republicans, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and Americans for Prosperity.

In the ad, he promises to advance “America First” policies, “drain the swamp” and fight the Democrats “woke agenda,” while couching himself as “110% pro-Trump.” Trump has yet to endorse any candidate in the vital senate race.

Gunter told Fox News, “We have people pouring over our border. We have kids dying of fentanyl. We have crime in the streets. We have chaos around the world internationally … Can I just sit back at home and do nothing given the depth and breadth of experience and who I am? And the answer is absolutely not.”

Dr. Jeff Gunter, candidate for US Senate, Nevada (Photo: US Embassy Archives)

“If you look at my campaign, I’m 110% supportive of Donald Trump … Look at his policies. Look what he’s done. Look at the 1% inflation and 3.5% unemployment, no endless wars, stability around the world, closing our border, stopping crime, giving us the greatest tax cut ever in American history, and really unifying so many of us around those amazing America First principles. It’s very Reaganesque,” Gunter said.

Like Reagan, Gunter is a former Democrat who echoed Reagan’s sentiments, “I didn’t leave the Democratic party, the Democratic party left me,” telling Fox:

“For me, that process started after 9/11. We saw … extreme left-wing progressives were taking over the Democrat Party. It is not a party that someone like John F. Kennedy would be a part of. It’s become a bunch of radical progressives that are leaning and pushing a Marxist agenda, and there is no doubt about that,” Gunter said.

“The Democrat Party is no place for me. The Democrat Party is no place for Nevada. The Democrat Party, honestly, is no place for Jacky Rosen. And, that’s why when I’m the next U.S. senator, we’re going to replace her, and we’re going to replace her with strong conservative America First principles and values, and that’s going to create greatness here in Nevada,” he added.

In the last U.S Senate race in Nevada, Catherine Cortez Masto vastly outspent her GOP opponent Adam Laxalt and secured her reelection victory by less than 8,000 votes.

Senator Jacky Rosen leads all candidates in fundraising with over $10 million cash on hand, primarily from out-of-state donors, and has recently launched a campaign ad highlighting her bipartisanship, although she votes with Biden 93 percent of the time.

Rosen’s bipartisan push comes at a time when Biden continues to plummet in the polls, trailing Trump by two to five percent margins with Silver State voters.

A recent poll confirms that only 38 percent of Nevada voters indicate that they approve of the job that President Biden is doing while a majority of the electorate – 53 percent – disapprove of the job he is doing. Almost half of the electorate (46 percent) “strongly” disapprove of Biden.

“One of the great advocates that I have for me winning the U.S. Senate is Joe Biden. He’s an absolute complete 100% disaster,” Gunter told Fox News.

“When people look to Jacky Rosen — rubber stamp Rosen, 93% voting supporting Joe Biden … That’s not good for Nevada. It’s not good for America. That voting creates the inflation that we’ve had, creates the instability around the world, creates wars that are just endless, whether it’s in Ukraine or the Middle East,” he said.

“Her votes and her support of Joe Biden help me and help all of us put America First policies forward. But we take back not only the White House with Donald Trump, but we take back the Senate with a big red wave coming out of Nevada, and going across the country,” he added.

The Nevada Globe has reached out to Senator Rosen’s and Sam Brown’s campaign for comment and will publish if received.


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