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Judge Attacker Faces Attempted Murder Charge After Shocking Courtroom Leap

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, January 8, 2024 2:51 pm

Las Vegas, NV – January 8, 2024 – The man who stunned the nation by leaping at a judge during a Las Vegas courtroom sentencing on January 3rd now faces attempted murder charges among a slew of other accusations. Deobra Redden appeared in Clark County District Court on Monday, with his initial hearing postponed due to the viral attack.

Redden, sentenced to 19-48 months in prison for unrelated attempted battery charges, will now face a separate court battle for his courtroom assault. On January 8th, he was charged with numerous felonies, including attempted murder of an older person, battery on a protected person resulting in substantial bodily harm, and battery by a prisoner.

His initial appearance on these charges is scheduled for Tuesday morning in Clark County Justice Court before Judge Diana L. Sullivan. This case, separate from his existing sentence, promises to bring further scrutiny to Redden’s actions and their impact on the judicial system.

Recap of the Incident:

Redden became a national headline when he lunged at Judge Mary Kay Holthus during his sentencing hearing for an unrelated crime. The shocking assault, captured on video, showed Redden leaping over the defense table and tackling the judge, knocking over an American flag in the process. Courtroom personnel swiftly restrained him, while Judge Holthus, shaken but unharmed, continued the proceedings.

Charges and Potential Consequences:

Redden’s new charges carry significant potential penalties. Attempted murder of an older person alone could see him facing life imprisonment with parole eligibility after 25 years. The additional charges of battery and assault further add to the potential severity of his sentence.

Impact on the Judicial System:

The courtroom attack has sparked discussions about courtroom security and the safety of judges and courtroom personnel. While details surrounding Redden’s motive remain unclear, the incident underscores the potential dangers faced by those working within the judicial system.

Moving Forward:

Redden’s court appearance tomorrow marks the next chapter in this unfolding case. As legal proceedings and investigations continue, the focus remains on ensuring the safety of all involved and upholding the integrity of the judicial system.

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