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Captain Sam Brown Shatters Fundraising Records in Senate Bid

Brown has reportedly raised nearly $2 million in the fourth quarter last year

By Megan Barth, January 8, 2024 12:30 pm

In an exclusive report from Fox News, Captain Sam Brown announced that his campaign to unseat Democratic Senator Jacky Rosen has raised a record-breaking $1.85 million in the fourth quarter last year, “more than any challenger to an incumbent running for re-election in Nevada history.”

When combined with his third quarter fundraising, Brown sets another record and bests Rosen with a haul of $3.04 million. Brown   will face the embattled incumbent if he wins the crowded GOP primary which includes Air Force Veteran Tony Grady, former Ambassador to Iceland Dr. Jeff Gunter, and former Assemblyman Jim Marchant.

Captain Sam Brown, GOP Candidate for Nevada US Senate. (Photo: @captainsambrown)

“I’m extremely grateful that tens of thousands of everyday Americans have dug deep and contributed to this campaign,” Brown told Fox News Digital. “Every day, as we travel throughout Nevada and speak with voters, I’m reminded of why this race is so critical to the future of our state.”

“Through their reckless policies, Jacky Rosen and Joe Biden have made the American Dream unattainable for most Nevadans and left our borders wide open to drugs and violence,” he said. “Our grassroots campaign is about ending Joe Biden and Jacky Rosen’s American Nightmare, securing our borders, and restoring prosperity.”

In 2022, Brown finished second in the GOP primary against former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt. Laxalt narrowly lost to Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto by ~8,000 votes (less than one percent) as Cortez Masto out-raised Laxalt through out-of-state donations and the backing of national progressive organizations.

Once again, Nevada will take center stage in the the 2024 race for the Senate.

Brown has positioned himself as the frontrunner in the GOP field and has earned the backing of the Republican Senatorial Committee.

National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman Steve Daines, R-Mont., told Fox, “Sam Brown’s strong fundraising numbers show he is putting together a campaign that can win both a primary and a general election. Nevadans are ready for new leadership and Sam is well positioned to flip this seat.”

With what is expected to be another expensive and competitive race, Rosen continues to champion her bipartisanship, although she maintains a 93 percent voting record with President Joe Biden. She, like Biden, has painted MAGA Republicans as extremists and, like Cortez-Masto, has centered her campaign on abortion rights.

Nevada’s senate race is currently rated “Lean D” by Cook Political Report as Nevada Republicans haven’t won a senate seat since 2012. As Democrats currently hold a razor-thin majority in the Senate, Republicans need to flip two seats to control the chamber.



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2 thoughts on “Captain Sam Brown Shatters Fundraising Records in Senate Bid

  1. It was pretty funny in Nov 2022 listening to the Laxalt campaign saying Masto had NO path to find enough votes to win. And gee whatayaknow! A Democrat somehow “found” just enough to “win”. Strange isn’t it, how these close races always end up the same…..hope this guy can overcome the Democrat Party criminal organization.

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