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Sparks City Attorney Wes Duncan (Photo: City of Sparks)

Wes Duncan announces Reelection Bid for Sparks City Attorney

Duncan has raised over $312,000 for his retention election and has over $308,000 cash on hand

By Megan Barth, January 8, 2024 10:38 am

Today, Wes Duncan announced his intention to retain his position as Sparks City Attorney in this year’s election. Duncan’s announcement comes on the heels of numerous office initiatives by the Sparks City Attorney’s Office, such as homeless ordinances to protect public health and safety, an anti-retail theft campaign, an initiative to protect seniors against scams, domestic violence prevention, passing the “first of its kind” ordinance to criminalize domestic violence in the presence of children and ordinances to stop illegal street racing.

Last month, The Nevada Globe reported:

Sparks has announced the “Back Our Business” initiative to combat retail theft. City Attorney Wes Duncan in partnership with the Sparks Police Department has implemented a “zero-tolerance policy with a focus on deterring retail theft, seeking restitution, and prosecuting repeat offenders that victimize businesses.”

“There is a growing trend across the City of Sparks and our region for thieves to enter businesses and steal items from them in our community. The Sparks City Attorney’s Office will aggressively prosecute those who rip off businesses and brazenly steal,” said Duncan. “Our focus will be to deter retail theft, prosecute repeat offenders, and send the message that the City Attorney’s office and the City of Sparks will not tolerate retail theft in our community.”

“Furthermore, our office realizes that with all the financial pressures occurring in the lives of Sparks residents, especially around the holidays, retail theft increases the cost of doing business and those costs are unfortunately passed to consumers. Retail theft hurts everyone in our community, and I will not sit by idly and allow businesses to be stolen from in our city,” added Duncan.

Sparks, NV Police Department (Photo: News4)

In August 2023, the Sparks city council unanimously passed new ordinances to prevent Sparks from “becoming San Francisco.” The new ordinances, encouraged by the Sparks Police Department and supported by Duncan, made several changes to the municipal code that aim to prevent large encampments, the blockage of public sidewalks, right of ways and streets, and expanded the exclusion of camping in the Truckee River Corridor to 1,000 feet off the river.

In addition to his announcement of his candidacy, Duncan also announced the early support of Sheriff Darin Balaam, the Sparks Police Protective Association, the Reno Police Protective Association, the Washoe County Sheriff Deputies Association, the Building and Construction Trades Council of Northern Nevada, Operating Engineers Local No. 3, and Laborers Local 169.

Duncan has raised over $312,000 for his retention election since being appointed in April 2022 and has over $308,000 cash on hand.

“I’m running for retention as Sparks City Attorney to continue the work we have started to protect Sparks against crime and other problems that plague big cities across the country. Being the Sparks City Attorney is an honor, and I will continue to work hard every day to earn the support of the residents of Sparks,” Duncan said.  

“I am honored to be law enforcement’s choice in this race for Sparks City Attorney and proud to have broad-based support from many different community partners.  As a father of three young children and an Iraq war veteran, I understand how critical it is to protect our communities from crime and keep people safe,” Duncan continued.

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Megan Barth
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