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Las Vegas Homeowner Expresses Alarm Over the City’s Dirty Streets

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, September 14, 2022 12:53 am

Las Vegas Homeowner Expresses Alarm Over the City’s Dirty Streets

Author: Nevada Globe Staff

LAS VEGAS – One Las Vegas resident is tired of trash and rubbish in the northwest valley.

Michael Kaczer visits Lorenzi park many times a week, but he’s noticed the eyesores on the streets.

Kaczer says Lorenzi Park is like a second home. “When I play senior softball, I pick up trash 2 feet from a trash can and throw it away.

Kaczer, who lives near Lorenzi park at Rancho and Alta, says rubbish covers the roads.

“It’s bad because I drive down Rancho and see debris in the drainage pipes along 95,” said Kaczer. “Garbage doesn’t fall out of the sky by itself, and airplanes don’t drop it, therefore it comes from people’s hands, granted from the homeless, but there are people who don’t care.”

NDOT and a contractor cleaned the valley’s freeways. Two NDOT crews clean overnight.

These personnel also handle emergency repairs and upkeep. NDOT faces crew staffing issues like other businesses.

Rancho and the 95 aren’t alone. Vegas Drive and Washington Street have rubbish piles.

Las Vegas maintains 1,250 miles of highways.

Street sweeping, flood control, and sewage repair are included.

Kaczer stated we must help the city and NDOT clean what they can.

“I would want to see a litter task force because there are so many jailed people in Clark County,” said Kaczer. “Let’s observe. If you find something near your home, pick it up, bring it home, and toss it away.

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