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Las Vegas Woman With HIV for 25 Years Wants to Eradicate Discrimination

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, December 2, 2022 3:20 pm

Las Vegas Woman With HIV for 25 Years Wants to Eradicate Discrimination

LAS VEGAS – Every year on December 1st, the world commemorates World AIDS Day. More than 11,000 people in Clark County have HIV. In 2021, 441 new cases were diagnosed.

Thursday night, the lights of Las Vegas City Hall flashed red to help promote awareness and eradicate stigmas.

A series of short films called Visual AIDS, shown at the West Charleston Library, told the tales of people living with HIV all over the world and in the United States.

“In 1997, I was diagnosed. “I was 27 years old,” Davina Conner explained. Conner is the Executive Director of the Poz Haven Foundation, which assists HIV-positive persons in Las Vegas. Conner believes that black women are underrepresented in spreading HIV awareness, and that their stories, particularly those dealing with stigma and persecution, which she and others have overcome, need to be told.

“It’s a good life. “With HIV, we are living robust lives, and we want people to know that you can live a life without fear,” Conner asserted.

Conner was on 14 medicines that made her sick when she initially began treatment 25 years ago. She now just takes two medicines and has no negative effects. Conner adds that the drug reduces viral load to avoid transmission.

“It takes a load off our shoulders.” We’re happy with who we’ve become. “We don’t think we’re infected,” Conner explained.

Conner believes that informing individuals about advancements in treatment will make a significant difference in reducing their dread of being tested.

Anyone, regardless of sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, or age, can be infected with HIV. According to the CDC, publicly discussing HIV, getting tested, and knowing your HIV status can all help in the fight against AIDS.

The Biden administration also revealed a new worldwide strategy to end the HIV/AIDS pandemic by 2030 on Thursday. In his 2023 budget, Biden asked $850 million for HIV prevention and care initiatives, and he suggested a roughly $10 billion national PrEP program to ensure pre-exposure medication and services for uninsured and underinsured people.

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