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President Joe Biden Visits UNLV to Discuss Lowering Health Care and Prescription Drug Costs

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, March 15, 2023 1:30 pm

LAS VEGAS – President Joe Biden made a stop at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on Wednesday to discuss his plans for reducing healthcare and prescription drug costs. In his opening remarks, the President thanked healthcare workers in attendance and highlighted the importance of the Affordable Care Act, and expanded Medicare for thousands of Nevadans.

During his speech, Biden unveiled details about the Inflation Reduction Act, which would require drug companies to pay back the difference to Medicare if they raise prices faster than inflation. He also reassured the audience that individuals making $400,000 or less will not see any federal tax increases while he is President.

The President’s visit to Nevada comes as the state has experienced the highest rising costs for prescription drugs in the nation. Biden arrived at Harry Reid International Airport on Tuesday evening ahead of his speech at UNLV’s hospitality building.

In related news, earlier this month, Eli Lilly, the largest manufacturer of insulin in the US, announced that diabetics will no longer pay more than $35 a month for the life-saving medication. This move is seen as a step towards reducing the financial burden on individuals who rely on insulin to manage their diabetes.

President Biden’s visit to UNLV highlights his administration’s commitment to making healthcare and prescription drugs more affordable for all Americans. As he stated in his closing remarks, “We are the United States of America and nothing is beyond our capacity if we work together — so let’s work together. God bless you.”

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