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Some Nevada Voters Receive Two Mail-In Ballots for Presidential Preference Primary

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, February 1, 2024 12:19 pm

NEVADA – Reports have surfaced of Nevada voters receiving two mail-in ballots for the upcoming Presidential Preference Primary, prompting clarification from election officials. Washoe County, where the issue has been noted, explained that this occurrence is not uncommon. Viewers who recently updated their voter registration online or visited the DMV for personal details adjustment may receive an updated ballot.

Bethany Drysdale, county communications manager, reassured the public that although some individuals may have two ballots, they can only cast one vote. The old ballot is automatically deactivated, ensuring that only the most recent and valid one will be processed. Voter IDs are unique, preventing the submission of both ballots.

To address the situation, the Registrar of Voters office advises voters with two ballots to use the updated one and discard the old ballot. If confusion leads to the accidental submission of the old ballot, it is not a problem. The registrar’s office will reactivate the older ballot and include it in the tabulation.

Emphasizing the importance of casting only one ballot, officials warn against submitting both. If a duplicate vote is detected, the second ballot will be set aside, and the registrar’s office will report the incident to the Secretary of State.

Drysdale clarified that once a person drops off their mail-in ballot, they cannot vote in-person, preventing the possibility of double voting. For those wishing to dispose of the second ballot securely, options include shredding it or turning it in at designated locations such as the county complex or a voting center.

As election preparations continue, officials urge voters to stay informed and follow the guidelines to ensure a smooth and accurate voting process.

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