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Assembly Democrats Call For CCSD Superintendent’s Resignation

CCSD responds: ‘Get your own house in order’

By Megan Barth, November 1, 2023 3:15 pm

The Assembly Democratic Caucus released a statement announcing the call for the resignation of Clark County School District (CCSD) Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara. The caucus, led by Speaker Steve Yeager, accused Jara of having no plans to improve education, teacher recruitment and retention, and morale within the fifth largest school district in the nation.

As reported by the Nevada Current:

In a press release, the caucus said the superintendent “spoke in platitudes while denying accountability” when addressing the Legislature earlier this year, and that he has squandered the opportunities provided to him through the record levels of funding they provided.

“Unfortunately, community leaders, parents, teachers, and students no longer trust that Dr. Jara’s leadership can get CCSD back on track,” said Yeager in a provided quote. “Proponents of privatizing education through voucher schemes have already given up on our public schools, but we must not give up and we must not accept the status quo as acceptable.  Instead, we must fight for our students, who are the future of this great state. They deserve our best efforts.

In a subsequent interview, Yeager noted that the Washoe County School district awarded their staff with raises and a contract but CCSD has failed to provide teachers with the same employment benefits and protections despite of record funding passed by the legislature. In September, CCSD declared that contract negations with the teachers union had reached an impasse.

In response, CCSD snapped back eluding to the ethical scandals that have plagued Democratic lawmakers, including Yeager. In a statement, CCSD said that Yeager “Has his hands full trying to keep his house in order. Distracting from those issues by meddling in the affairs of the district will not change the choices made by him and his members to improperly direct funds by members with conflicts.”

As the Globe reported, three Assembly Democrats have suspended their campaigns for reelection in the wake of mounting pressure applied by Governor Lombarado’s Better Nevada PAC in relation to a $110 million Christmas Tree bill that directed taxpayer money to Democrat-aligned nonprofits. The PAC has accused Yeager of presiding over a “Culture of Corruption.”

Recently, Yeager came under fire for his failure to disclose his personal, business, or financial relationship to Watkins and Battle Born Injury Lawyers as he voted for and pushed through a bill to help his own firm and their client. Of note, Yeager serves as vice chair of the Assembly Select Committee on Ethics.

In early October, the Clark County Education Association (CCEA) took legal action by filing a complaint against CCSD and the state of Nevada asserting that its constitutional rights are being violated by the prohibition of teacher strikes.

The Globe will continue to cover the ongoing political drama in the fifth largest school district and the abysmal public education system in Nevada.


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Megan Barth
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