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Captain Sam Brown, GOP Candidate for Nevada US Senate. (Photo: @captainsambrown)

Captain Sam Brown Is A Repeat Candidate But Declines to Admit It

Senate candidate’s claims as humble political outsider clash with his history

By Megan Barth, June 6, 2022 12:06 pm

Nevada newcomer Captain Sam Brown has publicly claimed that he is not a “repeat candidate” while on the campaign trial. He has centered his campaign for the Republican nomination for US Senate on blasting “career politicians.”

In audio footage obtained by The Globe, from a meeting of the Pahrump Valley Republican Women, Brown reiterates these claims: “The good news is, I am not one of these repeat politicians that is running over and over again” and later adds, “I also haven’t run, you know, three times before this…but I think, I believe, it is those types of candidates and those types of politicians that have brought us to this point where we are today. So my wife and I said we have had enough. There is too much on the line.”

“The good news is, I’m not one of those repeat politicians who’s just running over and over again.”

Provided by a another Globe source, while speaking at the Churchill Republican Women meeting, Brown said he is “taking on the machine” and believes that “one of the biggest threats to the country right now is the damage politicians have done to the economy.”

Many would find it hard to disagree. Congress polls lower than gas station sushi because politicians are known, unfortunately, for using rhetoric to get elected instead of speaking honestly to voters. Many remember George H. Bush’s campaign promise: “Read my lips. No new taxes.” That promise lasted about as long as the shelf-life of the gas station sushi from my earlier joke.

Brown has also struggled to portray his past as one of small-town Americana. In this second clip, Brown laments that he doesn’t have a big company and cannot stroke a big check to his campaign. As the Globe previously revealed, that small town past means a family that started two NFL franchises and currently owns the Cincinnati Bengals. Not that there’s anything wrong with owning a football team. But why pretend?

“I don’t have some big company where I can write a big check to my campaign.”

In Captain Brown’s case, honesty about his political past and aspirations has taken a back seat to disingenuous political sound bytes.

As reported by The Fallon Post:

Brown doesn’t like the traditional idea of starting in politics with a local race and working up through the party ranks. “Ultimately, weak people have continued to recycle themselves through these elections and I can’t started back and let my kids be represented by that type of person” he said. “That other way encourages career politicians.”

Copy of The Fallon Post (Photo: A Globe Source)

Although Brown hasn’t “run three times” prior to his U.S. Senate bid, Brown has run for political office before when he lived in Texas, and he ran with the traditional idea of starting in politics in a local state assembly race. Additionally, in his four-page story published on his campaign website, he doesn’t mention his political campaign in Texas.

Cpt. Sam Brown campaign hat for Texas House (Photo provided by Globe source)

In an interview with D magazine in 2013, Brown also used his lack of political experience as an asset  while running for state assembly in Texas House District 102:

I’m not a professional politician. I’m doing this for these kiddos right here. For the first time in Amy’s and my adult life, we’ve been able to choose a home, plant roots. I’m doing this because I’m concerned that if we don’t have rational folks who operate on their values and principles in Austin, we’ll keep slipping down this slope of madness that we’re seeing in D.C.”

The reporter notes: “He sounds like a politician.”

In a 2014 interview with Glenn Beck, Brown repeats these claims:

You should vote for me because I have a vested interest in this community. You know there’s other politicians who are literally just professional politicians. That are looking for the next thing. I’m not looking for a lily pad to take a step to the next office. I love my community. I love this state. I’ve got kids that are going to be going to schools here…

I want Texas to continue to be the greatest place in this country, and like you, I’m not from here, but you will never get me out of here. It will literally take an act of God to get me out of Texas.

Brown may be new to Nevada politics, but he is not a political outsider when it comes to running for office. Why his Texas campaign is entirely ignored on his website and not mentioned on the campaign trail is a question that deserves answers. Although The Globe has asked for an interview and comments numerous times throughout his campaign, we have been met with silence and rumored innuendo.

Hiding the past will always catch up to a person. Hiding from the Nevada press catches up to a candidate. We hope the Brown campaign changes its mind for a sitdown with The Globe. The only candidates to date who have avoided interviews with The Globe are Democrats.

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Megan Barth
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