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Manny Kess, candidate for NV treasurer, parodies Michelle Fiore in political ad (Photo: @MannyKess)

Political Parody Enters NV Treasurer Race

Candidate Kess dons blonde wig, pokes fun at opponent Michelle Fiore

By Megan Barth, June 6, 2022 2:01 pm

Evoking parody in a political ad, Manny Kess, candidate for Nevada Treasurer, poses in a blonde wig to poke fun at opponent Michelle Fiore.

The ad opens with a wigged Kess stating: I’m Michelle Fiore and I am running for city council… I mean governor….argh…I mean treasurer. I am sorry. I have ran for so many positions this year, I can’t keep up. Parodying the video announcement of Fiore’s gubernatorial bid, Kess states that “I have a three shot plan to help me…I mean Nevada.”

The Globe reached out to Fiore for comment and she didn’t hold her fire:

“My opponent released an ad where he dressed up as me to attack me. I will be honest. My staff was furious but I thought it was hilarious.  Who do you think wore it better?

But here is the thing, this is a serious race. I am running for state treasurer because our state deserves conservative financial leadership that will fight back against the socialist schemes in Washington. I am honored to have earned the endorsement of Senator Ted Cruz, Adam Laxalt, the Nevada Republican Party, and more.

I am proud that my campaign has not released a single attack ad because Republicans shouldn’t be attacking each other. Plus, it’s not even original.  At least he put some lipstick on.” (Reference the photo below that Fiore sent to The Globe).

Unknown male posing as Michelle Fiore (Photo provided to The Globe by Michelle Fiore)
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Megan Barth
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One thought on “Political Parody Enters NV Treasurer Race

  1. Nice to see humor.

    1) Political investing targeting firearms manufacturers who make quality essential products for Nevada’s first responders and military because they happen to manufacture. semiautomatic. rifles.

    2) Crypto currency. policy.

    3) cannabis financial issues and taxation

    4) Petroleum taxes and exploration, pipelines and funding – Green energy subsidies.

    5) Sports stadium subsidies

    6) Foreign investment and global currency issues impacting Nevada

    and so on. While sort of a Rino, Swartz spotted the “fake” China electric car company. Fiore has been good on constituent service on City Council..

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