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Citizens for Sanity targets Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto in billboard campaign (Photo: Citizens for Sanity)

Citizens For Sanity Satirically Slays Cortez-Masto and the ‘Woke’ Left in Nevada

Nonprofit announces significant ad buy highlighting illegal immigration and rising crime

By Megan Barth, September 28, 2022 3:29 pm

Last week, Citizens for Sanity (CFS), a non-profit group whose mission, in short, is to return common sense to America and defeat “wokeism,” strategically placed a billboard campaign adjacent to the Las Vegas Strip targeting Senator Catherine Cortez Masto.

In a statement to The Globe, CFS’s Strategic Consultant, Ian Prior, responded to our inquiry:

“Senator Cortez Masto, like most of her leftist colleagues in Congress, has utterly failed to address the out-of-control crisis at our southern border — in fact, these leftist border policies have incentivized mass migration and the drug trafficking that is killing Americans by the tens of thousands. We’ve already seen over 2 million aliens illegally enter the country this fiscal year, which blows out the previous record, and without change, there is no end in sight.”

A recent (and brutal) satirical ad ran in the Review-Journal:

Nevadans and the “woke” left should prepare for more satirical slap-downs as these are just two examples of what is coming to the Silver State’s airways and highways.

In a press release today, CFS announced they were launching a large TV and digital advertisement campaign in Nevada to highlight the local and nationwide rise in crime to the state’s voters.

The ad can be viewed here. A previous version of the ad garnered over 2 million views in a week.

Prior issued the following statement:

“Crime is continuing to spike across the country, and like everywhere else, Nevadans are not immune to this growing problem facing our local communities. This spike in violence has been chiefly fueled by leftist anti-police rhetoric and soft-on-crime policy making. Let’s stop the insanity.”

According to Open Secrets:

Federal Communications Commission records reviewed by OpenSecrets reveal that the group’s board includes three former Trump administration officials involved in the America First Legal Foundation, a group founded by former Trump White House official Stephen Miller and aimed at using the legal system to challenge President Joe Biden‘s agenda.

Citizens for Sanity shares at least three operatives with the America First Legal Foundation – Gene Hamilton, John Zadrozny and Ian Prior – all former Trump administration officials.

Prior told OpenSecrets that Citizens for Sanity has “no relationship with America First Legal Foundation” but declined to comment further.

Republican operative Ian Prior serves as a strategic consultant to Citizens for Sanity and senior adviser to the America First Legal Foundation.

In a phone call with The Globe, Prior answered the following questions:

Why Nevada?

Nevadans are dealing with issues on crime and illegal immigration. Clark county murders are up 49 percent. People across the country and in Nevada are paying attention to these issues and we are seeing five million illegal aliens crossing the border, thus far, since Joe Biden took office. It is important to highlight these issues. We have been running ads and billboards throughout the country, This is not a short term mission. We want to wake people up to what Washington and The Left is doing and how they are voting on issues that haven’t been fully pushed in paid media and in satirical fashion. It is important to bring back common sense to this country. Both sides of the political spectrum are concerned about these issues. Even the likes of Bill Maher is realizing the insanity of The Left’s policies.

How big is this ad buy in Nevada?

It is our policy not to disclose ad buys, but the fact that we have put up multiple billboards and are launching TV, print and digital ads shows we are making significant investments.

When did Citizens for Sanity organize and launch campaigns?

We started working on these things in July. Our first ad was in August and focused on biological males in girls sports. Then we released a crime ad in early September and billboards in late July/early August. When we started our social media with a Twitter account, in the course of six weeks, our viewership and following organically grew and has been growing. We have seen some interesting reactions on line, but as we continued, we have received positive feedback. Our first billboard campaign “Protect pregnant men from climate discrimination” was a big hit and we have been advertising through billboards, print, TV and digital all over the country.

Why satire as a political tool?

The use of satire is extremely powerful and makes people think in a disarming way. In Martha’s Vineyard, we received criticism of our ads and that was amusing. In Providence and Cape Cod they took offense, but the response we are getting is the response we are looking for. Our cultural ecosystem is dressed up with nice-sounding talking points, but we are trying to boil it down to the basics and tell you what the far-left is thinking and what they would say if they weren’t dressing up their policies with talking points. They don’t have an answer or a response to what we are exposing. These are the issues they think about, and we are communicating it to the public in a honest way that they won’t get from the far left.




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Megan Barth
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9 thoughts on “Citizens For Sanity Satirically Slays Cortez-Masto and the ‘Woke’ Left in Nevada

  1. Cortez Masto and these people do not see the picture at all. They talk about climate because it is a topic driven by the braindead media. (REMEMBER THE MAINSTREEM MEDIA ONLY HAS A 33% RATING BASED ON FACTS) climate is not an issue. The ISSUE for Nevada is RECYCLING our U.S. inventory of nuclear waste, value $14 trillion dollars. 2019 the largest single contribution to carbon free energy was nuclear at 20%.

    Make Yucca Mountain a world class nuclear waste recycling facility for new fuel. This CHAT room will continue indefinitely until such time that the public are educated about the economics instead of the unfounded political emotion!

    MAYBE this website can distribute these facts? Gary Duarte, Director US Nuclear Energy Foundation.

  2. You may be interested in some of these concerts, photos, etc.


    I grew up in Maine played the Poland Spring Inn with Betty Cote and the Bob Bedard band, etc.

    Lots of Lewiston gigs with my rock band then; The Liverpool Gas Company, etc.

    Also have had a life-long interest in nuclear energy, Maine Yankee plant.


  3. Thought the Pew institute, the conservative think tank, published data showing that immigrants are less likely to commit violent crimes, or any crimes, than native born Americans!!! “Citizens for Sanity” smacks of more Stephan Miller-maga fear mongering and demagoguery!!!

  4. First of all, can you explain what ‘33% rating based on facts’ means? Does it mean that they tell the truth 33% of the time or 33% of each issue or subject reported? How do ‘rating’ and ‘facts’ correlate? And could you provide your information source to substantiate the 33% (of what) figure?
    Next, you speak of nuclear waste recycling but not to first tout carbon free energy benefit but rather focus on money. Almost lastly, you say that climate change is NOT an issue. Do you also deny that glaziers are melting, that the occurrence of major, killer storms seem to coincide with the fossil fuels ‘era’ of the world? Why can’t there be truths in both climate and nuclear recycling arguments? Can we walk and chew gum at the same time and maybe work together rather than against each other? Why does the promotion of your agenda have to include an attack on the climate-concerning community? Lastly, please identify which network organizations are on your braindead list? Will I be surprised about the so-called political agendas of these braindeaders? If you are a true scientist, dealing with facts, then truth, not politics, should be your only agenda. P.S. Right-wing media outlets, and those they reach, far exceed those of the ‘other side’, so the implication (in my mind, anyway) that the braindead (left-wing) media is the big scary lying monster trying to control our lives is patently false.

    1. Why would anyone engage with someone who refers to those who think freely or question “authoritative”, **government-funded** sources, as “brain dead?” Projection is your strength. Free thinker? Not so much. Thank you for your comment. I enjoyed your diatribe.

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