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Assemblywoman Brittney Miller, Chair of the Assembly Judiciary Committee (Photo: NV Leg)

Democratic Judiciary Chair Prohibits Question From Assemblyman Gray During Gun Control Hearing

Republican Assemblyman Gray was interrupted when trying to ask a question about maturity and transgenderism

By Megan Barth, April 6, 2023 3:47 pm

Republican Assm. Kenneth Gray (AD-39) was interrupted by Democratic Chairwoman Assm. Brittney Miller (AD-5) during the joint meeting of the Assembly and Senate Judiciary committees’ questioning on AB355, a gun control bill ,in part, that raises the purchase, ownership, and handling of semi-automatic guns to 21 years of age.

Displaying a “Don’t Tread On Me” tumbler, Assm. Gray began his “sociological question having to do with maturity” related to “transgenderism” but was immediately cut off by Chair Miller and prohibited from asking his question.

Watch the unfortunate exchange:

The Globe reached out to Assemblyman Gray to uncover the sociological question he was prohibited from asking during the hearing.

Assm. Gray’s responded with his question:

How can a large portion of our society support the mutilation of children under 18 in the name of transgenderism and yet you want to deny citizens at the age majority a constitutional right?

A fair question on the heels of Equality Lobby Day at the Nevada Legislature which took place yesterday in the Silver State Capitol. Democratic Legislators pushed a variety of “gender affirming care” bills. Sen. James Oresnschall championed Senate Bill 302, a bill that would prohibit a licensing board from disqualifying or disciplining someone for providing gender-affirming care to children.

Later in the hearing, an advocate from billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s non-profit, Moms Demand Action, stated “children and teenagers barely have their brain fully developed, how can they be expected to make sound choices with these lethal means.”

A young girl who participates in shooting competitions and hunting opposed the bill stating that her smaller size would make it difficult and near impossible for her to use a pump action shotgun in these respective sports.


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Megan Barth
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4 thoughts on “Democratic Judiciary Chair Prohibits Question From Assemblyman Gray During Gun Control Hearing

  1. These liberals are wasting motion. Guns in Nevada are an irreversible condition. They are here, and they are here to stay! Given to Americans by its founders and by supreme law of this land. Liberals are at risk of being shot in this country due to their loud, vulgar and pushy way about things. Not from lack of any gun control.

  2. Very valid question Assemblyman Gray. We even have men and women in the military serving at 18. So how is it that these people are not able to obtain certain guns and their constitutional rights are taken away? The Dems want it only their way. If they put more emphasis in the family and faith based options there would be no need to be taking anything away from the people. Teach your children well…..
    Virginia Nisse RN

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