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Exclusive: RNC Launches Nevada Bank Your Vote

Governor Lombardo: ‘The Bank Your Vote initiative encourages Republicans to vote early, which will help our party secure critical wins next year’

By Megan Barth, September 13, 2023 1:12 pm

Today during a press conference, Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel announced Nevada’s state buildout for “Bank Your Vote” and launched the State Leadership Team. Bank Your Vote encourages voters to pledge to “bank” their vote before Election Day.

Prior to today’s press conference, Republican leaders provided The Globe with comments regarding the initiative and stressed the importance of the statewide and national 2024 election.

To beat Joe Biden and Nevada Democrats in 2024, we must ensure that Republicans bank as many pre-Election Day votes as possible. The RNC is proud to work with Republican leaders across the state to encourage voters to Bank Your Vote and deliver Republican victories up and down the ballot next November,” said RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel campaigns with NV Congressman Mark Amodei (Photo: @GOPChairwoman)

Ahead of 2024, the Bank Your Vote operation is leveraging the full infrastructure of the RNC, the Nevada Republican Party, and the historic investments in the RNC’s data driven ground game to encourage, educate, and activate Republican voters on when, where, and how to lock in their votes as early as possible.

In addition to staff and a statewide volunteer network, Nevada will have a state-specific voter resource page at NV.BankYourVote.com, which will include important dates, pre-Election Day voting processes, links to state government sites where voters can learn more about voting early, and options for voters to sign up to receive digital reminders for pre-Election Day voting options.   

Governor Joe Lombardo highlighted the critical wins Nevada needs in 2024 to thwart a Democratic supermajority in the state Assembly and Senate. A supermajority in both chambers would guarantee that Governor Lombardo’s legislative priorities like school choice, election integrity, and public safety would be shelved and provide Nevada Democrats the ability to override a gubernatorial veto.

As we fight to elect more Republican leaders in Nevada, we know that every single vote counts. The Bank Your Vote initiative encourages Republicans to vote early, which will help our party secure critical wins next year. Together, we can elect Republican leaders up and down the ballot in Nevada and across the nation in 2024,” Governor Lombardo stated

Building on an absentee return rate, early in-person voting, and ballot harvesting, the RNC will remain focused on improving on the overall number of pre-Election Day Republican voters to secure statewide victories in 2024. A crucial part of getting Republican voters to become pre-Election Day voters will be ensuring voter confidence in elections through the RNC’s continued Protect Your Vote efforts. In 2022, the RNC had 100% coverage with 1,862 poll watchers and 513 poll workers throughout the state.

Governor Joe Lombardo and NV GOP Chair Michael McDonald (Photo: @NVGOP)

Ahead of 2024, we are working alongside the Republican National Committee to ensure that every Republican makes a plan to ‘bank your vote’ this election cycle. A key part of our success in Nevada will be ballot harvesting, and while Republicans have made progress in this effort, our operation together with the RNC will prioritize ballot harvesting and every pre-Election Day voting method to ensure we win big next November,” said Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael J. McDonald.

The Bank Your Vote Nevada Leadership Team is comprised of Republicans from across the Silver State:

Elected Officials

RNC Members

    • Chairman Michael J. McDonald
    • Committeeman Jim DeGraffenreid
    • Committeewoman Sigal Chattah


    • Washoe County Chairman Bruce Parks
    • NVFRW President Caroline Smith

Election Integrity

    • Clark County Chairman Jesse Law
    • Storey County Clerk Jim Hindle
    • Nye County Clerk Mark Kampf

Partnering with the Republican National Committee, Governor Lombardo, and the Nevada Republican Party, we will ensure Nevada Republicans are ready to ‘bank’ their vote before Election Day next fall. This joint effort will be critical for Republicans to hold the House, take back the Senate, and beat Biden in 2024,” said Congressman Mark Amodei.

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