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Governor Joe Lombardo (Photo: Gov.nv.gov)

Governor Lombardo Withdraws NV From US Climate Alliance

Following his executive order on energy, his withdrawal has outraged environmental activists and progressive non profits

By Megan Barth, July 13, 2023 1:38 pm

Republican Governor Joe Lombardo has withdrawn Nevada from the U.S. Climate Alliance, a bipartisan coalition of over two dozen governors who committed to reduce greenhouse gas emission by at least 26-28 percent from 2005 levels by the year 2025, as outlined by the Paris Agreement. Established in 2016, the overarching goal of the Paris Agreement is to reduce the Earth’s temperatures through “economic and social transformation, based on the best available science.”


In 2019, Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak joined the alliance and signed a series of related “green agreements” to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. The net-zero strategy would phase out natural gas.

Upon his inauguration, Lombardo released his own executive order (see below) on state energy that outlined and focused on “developing and maintaining a diverse energy supply portfolio” in Nevada. Lombardo emphasized “utilizing a balanced approach to electric and natural gas energy supply and transportation fuels” for Nevada’s energy needs. Within the order, Lombardo highlighted that his energy policies will ensure “Nevadans and businesses will have diverse energy options including gas and electric” and support “Nevada’s objectives of reliability, affordability, and sustainability.”

In his July 5 letter withdrawing Nevada from the U.S. Climate Alliance, Lombardo stated that the goals of the alliance are “ambitious and well-intentioned” but that they “conflict with Nevada’s energy policy objectives.”

The withdrawal has outraged progressive organizations and environmental non profits.

The Executive Director of Nevada’s Conservation League, Paul Selberg, stated that Governor Lombardo’s move is a step backward and undermines the voices of Nevadans who support climate action.

We are outraged by Governor Lombardo’s nonsensical withdrawal of Nevada from the U.S. Climate Alliance. He took this action without consulting everyday Nevadans, advocacy groups, or leaders within the environmental community, and it contradicts his own administration’s goals of economic diversification through clean energy.

The actions and goals outlined through the Climate Alliance are critical to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and staving off the worst impacts of the climate crisis. While Nevada is being hit hard with record temperatures and soaring energy bills, Lombardo is putting utilities and their profits first. This is a step backward and undermines the voices of Nevadans who consistently support clean energy and climate action.

Executive Order 2023-007
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Megan Barth
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3 thoughts on “Governor Lombardo Withdraws NV From US Climate Alliance

  1. Something great happened in 2020, but is no longer. May of 2020 to May of 2021, under the Trump administration, during the height of Covid impacts, there was a program called Farmers to Families through the USDA. The program provided boxes of fresh. healthy fruits and vegetables from farmers in our Republic of the United States, for NGO’s and nonprofits to provide to families across the nation and right here in the Las Vegas valley. Those suffering from school closures, job closures/loss, severe delays with DETER and the former governor who was always peeking over to see what Newsom was doing and two weeks later would bring the same policies as if they were original.

    In only the last twelve months, processing facilities for food have gone up in smoke, cows have been blown up, farmers in “fly over states”, who we rely on have been priced out of feed. Trains with grain and fertilizer have been derailed and other hazardous materials polluting the air and water ways.

    Follow the money and connect the dots. Good job Governor Lombardo because it sure appears and could possibly be that there are eco terrorists involved in the extreme activism allegedly and possibly via Activists or nefarious outsiders who are causing disruption to crops, water, transportation and all sorts of things that impede the ability for the American public to be fed through the grocery store or local food bank.

    Thank you for this decision.

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