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Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (Photo: @RepJeffries)

Nevada Dems Nominate ‘Election Denier’ Hakeem Jeffries for Speaker of the House

In appeals for bipartisanship, Democrats voted unanimously for a Democrat to lead the Republican majority

By Megan Barth, October 18, 2023 2:30 pm

Democrats, who are the minority in the House of Representatives, voted unanimously for Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries to lead the Republican majority. Not surprisingly, Nevada’s congressional delegation appealed for “bipartisanship” while trashing conservatives and Rep. Jim Jordan (OH) who has been endorsed by a majority of the GOP and former President Donald Trump.

Rep. Steven Horsford’s (NV-4) took to X in his appeal for “bipartisanship” as he calls for Republicans to support Jeffries.


His Democratic colleague Susie Lee (NV-3) also appeals for “bipartisanship” while trashing Jim Jordan as an “election denier” and labeling the conservative majority as “extremists.”

If denying election results is an immediate disqualification for holding office, Rep. Jeffries should immediately relinquish his smaller gavel and resign.

Screenshot of tweet compilation from Minority Speaker Jeffries

Rounding out the Congressional trio is Rep. Dina Titus, who is seemingly less interested in bipartisanship as she regurgitates the stale talking points of her Democratic colleagues.

The Democrat’s chicanery continues at the local level, where Speaker of the Nevada Assembly, Steve Yeager (AD-9) wanted to “make the record clear” by announcing that he will not be voting against Jordan because he can’t vote against Jordan.

If Nevadans don’t understand that a state legislator cannot cast a vote in DC for the Speaker of the House, we have bigger problems than previously reported.

Jordan needs a minimum of 217 votes to become Speaker of the House, but has fallen 22 votes short in the second round of voting due to opposition from the moderate wing of the Republican party. A third round of voting is scheduled for tomorrow. Former Speaker Kevin McCarthy endured 15 rounds of voting until he secured the gavel for his short-lived tenure.

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One thought on “Nevada Dems Nominate ‘Election Denier’ Hakeem Jeffries for Speaker of the House

  1. Every one of these selected corrupt politicians intentionally placed in Nevada to steal the 2020 election and our state from we the people need to be removed. And tried for treason.

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