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‘Senior Reporter’ Dana Gentry Blames Trump For Journalist’s Death

Gentry’s urge to blame President Trump obliterated any integrity she may have had prior to opening her mouth

By Megan Barth, September 9, 2022 2:45 pm

In a disgusting display of yellow journalism and outright idiocy, “award-winning investigative journalist” Dana Gentry of the Nevada Current thought it was appropriate to introduce her myopic political views at a press conference covering the murder of the Review-Journal’s Investigative Reporter Jeff German. Although German was allegedly and brutally murdered by an elected Democratic Clark County official, Gentry’s urge to blame President Trump obliterated any integrity she may have had prior to opening her mouth.

In this exchange below with GOP gubernatorial nominee Sheriff Joe Lombardo, Gentry admits that the press conference isn’t a place for politics, yet introduces politics into her mind-numbing and factually-bankrupt question:

“Sheriff, you said the murder of a journalist is especially troubling. Now is probably not the time to talk politics,” Dana Gentry stated.

“So why are we talking politics?” Lombardo interrupted.

Gentry continued: “Do you condemn former President Trump’s normalization of violence against journalists?” she asked.

“No, I think this [is] probably inappropriate to speculate on that or opine on that,” Lombardo said. “It needs to be stated and noted that it is troublesome because it is a journalist… When people take it upon themselves to create harm associated with that profession, I think it’s very important that we put all eyes on and address the case appropriately.”

In a follow up tweet, Gentry promises “more to come”:

Speaking of unhinged…

Outside of Joe Biden’s continued, public attacks on Americans, or Maxine Water’s calls for violence against them, or “Never Trumper” Rick “put a bullet in Trump” Wilson, the abject normalization of violence in recent memory heralds back to the “Summer of Love” and the “mostly peaceful protests” that caused over $2 billion dollars in damage and countless injuries and deaths of innocent citizens, including police officer David Dorn.

Gentry uses the peaceful protests canard as a weak example of Trump’s advocacy for violence against the reporters who were covering the destructive Black Lives Matter RIOTS.

The unhinged person who felt wronged by German was Robert Telles, an elected Democrat who donated his time and money to a variety of Democratic candidates and causes. In 2019, Governor Sisolak appointed Telles to serve on the Board of Indigent Defense Services.

It can be safely said that Trump’s words, cited by Gentry, were not the cause of Telles’ actions, but certainly the cause of Gentry’s inability to act professionally or seek much-needed answers during a press conference.

As investigative journalists, like German, we take risks to shed sunlight on the destructive rot and corruption within government. We are counted upon to hold those in power accountable to the people to whom they serve. That is exactly what German did and what may have led to his untimely death.

German’s passing will be remembered and his legacy revered, yet his passing used by Gentry to score cheap, political points will also be remembered.


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Megan Barth
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