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Adam Laxalt, Sam Brown stand with supporters at VFW "The Bunker" in Reno, NV (Photo: Adam Laxalt campaign)

Hundreds Turn Out for Laxalt Town Hall And BBQ With Veteran Coalition

Colonel Tony Grady and Captain Sam Brown co-hosted the event and rallied supporters

By Megan Barth, September 2, 2022 3:16 pm

On Thursday, more than 200 supporters attended the Military and Veteran Appreciation BBQ and Town Hall hosted by Adam Laxalt and his former Republican primary opponent, Captain Sam Brown, and Colonel Tony Grady at Reno VFW post “The Bunker”.

According to the campaign, over one third of those in attendance were registered as nonpartisan or Democrat voters.

Colonel Tony Grady and Adam Laxalt serve veterans at “The VFW Bunker” in Reno, NV. (Photo: Megan Barth for The Nevada Globe)

Laxalt excoriated the Biden’s administration’s botched withdrawal of Afghanistan claiming, “Our Commander in Chief has no regrets over the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal? No regrets? Leaving terrorists with weapons, thousands of terrorists were released by the Taliban, we lost the pivotal Bagram air base, and left American’s behind…and the Commander in Chief has no regrets?” The statement was met with “boos” and yells of “impeach him” from the crowd. Laxalt promised he would demand answers and hold people accountable for the botched withdrawal when elected.

“I’m committed to being part of the less than 20% of congress that are veterans,” Laxalt said, “I pledge to you I will fight every single day, as I did when I was your Attorney General, I will fight for veterans, I will fight for better access and better services, but most importantly I will fight for our military… we’ve got to turn this thing around to save our country.

Adam Laxalt and Sam Brown pose for pictures with Laxalt supporter at Veterans for Laxalt event in Reno, NV. (Photo: Megan Barth for The Nevada Globe)

“Many of our military leaders are left of center and are towing this progressive line,” Laxalt claimed  , “the wokeness that is infecting our military is dangerous. It makes us less capable as a fighting force. Do we think the Chinese are scared of us when they see what’s coming down the pipe with our military?”

Captain Sam Brown shows his support for Adam Laxalt at “Veterans for Laxalt” event Townhall and BBQ (Photo: Megan Barth for The Nevada Globe).

Laxalt also told attendees that he is “a guaranteed vote for reinstating the men and women who were kicked out of the military for refusing the COVID-19 vaccination.”

Laxalt took swipes at his Democratic opponent Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto claiming that she has not held a veterans town hall in over a year and has not pushed back against the Biden administration’s plans to limit veteran’s choices in healthcare ushered in by the Trump administration. “Catherine Cortez Masto is not fighting against the Biden’s attempt to restrict choices at the VA” Laxalt stated.

Colonel Tony Grady said that Sen. Cortez Masto “is not a leader but a “yes woman” to the Biden administration.”

Captain Sam Brown received cheers from the crowd as he closed with this statement:  “I am proud to be a supporting element of Adam Laxalt… My duty, Tony Grady’s duty, and all of our duty is to go out there and be those foot soldiers for Adam Laxalt between now and November to make sure that this man defeats Cortez Masto.” 

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