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Robert Beadles stands in front of the NV Supreme Court (Photo: @RobertBeadles)

Beadles Demands New Primary Election After ROV Recount And AI Analysis

Beadles contends that county data and AI analysis warrants an investigation and a new primary election

By Megan Barth, July 8, 2024 6:01 pm

The June primary election was challenged by three candidates in Washoe County after businessman and outspoken election critic Robert Beadles paid for a recount of their respective races. According to a report by Channel 4 news, Beadles wrote three ~$50,000 checks to the county for the costs associated with the recount.

During the challenge, the candidates demanded a hand recount of the primary ballots and filed temporary restraining orders against numerous individuals and state entities, including the City of Reno, Washoe County, and the Washoe County Registrars office (ROV).

Progressive activist and Reno city council Ward 1 contender Lily Baran partnered with Beadles and his Franklin Project PAC to demand a recount of the election results which determined she had lost the chance to advance to the general election by 15 votes. Within days, Baran withdrew her request. Republican candidate for Washoe County Commissioner Mark Lawson and Washoe County School Board Trustee candidate Paul White also partnered with Beadles.

Ultimately, the recount in each race was not conducted by hand and the ROV’s findings did not change the outcome of the June primary for Lawson and White.

Beadles is now demanding a new primary election after a “study found that Democrat and Non-Partisan mail-in ballots were counted much faster than Republican mail-in ballots, acting almost as one combined group….processing times of Democrat and Non-Partisan mail-in ballots were almost identical, which is highly unusual.”

Beadles contends that the statistical probability of the processing times is an anomaly, warrants an investigation, and necessitates a new primary election.

Beadles also alleges, through the use of an Artificial Intelligence analysis, that an additional three races in Washoe County were manipulated. According to his analysis, identical ballot counts across multiple precincts, identical vote proportions reported by precincts, and identical vote proportions of Election Day ballots and mailed ballots are statistical anomalies that, in his words, “undermines the integrity of the election process and necessitates immediate action to ensure a fair and democratic outcome.”

“These are not the ramblings of a madman; this is not a manifesto. These are facts. This is not left vs. right. This is not right vs. left. This is how “they” screw us all. Anyone who attacks this clear proof is either an idiot or an operative to perpetuate this system of fraud,” Beadles said on his website.

Beadles has asked his supporters to attend the Washoe County Board of Commissioners meeting tomorrow morning to demand a new primary election and voice their related election integrity concerns.



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