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CCSD School Board Meeting, November 4, 2021 (Photo: Megan Barth for The Nevada Globe)

CCSD Board of Trustees Fail to Reach Agreement on Process to Select Interim Superintendent

Trustees vote 6-1 to establish new redistricting map

By Megan Barth, November 5, 2021 2:42 pm

Demonstrating the division of the Board of Trustees for the largest school district in the state, the Board failed to reach an agreement outlining the process by which an interim superintendent would be selected. In a 3-3 vote with one member abstaining, the meeting was abruptly adjourned. Trustees Linda Cavazos, Danielle Ford, and Lisa Guzman voted in favor of the process.

According to the Nevada Current: “On Thursday night, Trustee Irene Cepeda abstained on a vote to move forward after an uncharacteristically cooperative and constructive board discussion that laid out a process for getting community input to put an interim superintendent in place. Trustees [Katie] Williams, [Lola] Brooks and Evelyn Garcia-Morales voted against the process, which had been proposed by Ford, and built on during the discussion. When Cepeda abstained, the room was stunned.”

Carrie Kaufman, columnist for the Nevada Current tweeted this exchange, further demonstrating the Board’s divide (and media bias).

Prior to the vote, 30 minutes of public comments were heard with a majority of the comments demanding transparency.

Jim Frazee, high school teacher and vice president for the Clark County Education Association, said that “firing Jara was done for pure political reasons,” noting that the trustees didn’t disclose reasons for their decision to terminate his contract. Frazee then read the dictionary definition of ‘transparency’ as some of the trustees “don’t know what it means.”

Teacher Jamie Tadrzynski said the district became a “national embarrassment” and noted a superintendent is needed who makes the “#1ForKids” more than a hashtag. On Twitter, Tadryzynski had this to say:


According to the Las Vegas Review Journal: “Teacher Karlana Kulseth said she wants the community to have the opportunity to ask questions of those being considered for the position, including being able to understand their ethics, if they’re going to put students first and bring healing to the community.”

One agenda item that a majority of the Board could agree on is the redistricting map of CCSD Trustees.  Prior to reaching an agreement, many social justice activists in the community spoke on behalf of their organizations: Make the Road NV, Silver State Voices, Mi Familia Vota, Nevadans Count, Asian Community Development Council, Chispa, and the ACLU.  Make the Road NV organizer Brenda Gui Gui commented that map 4 would help them “build power.” Most were in favor of redistricting maps 4 and 5. Five maps were submitted for review and approval.

Map 5 was selected for redistricting in a 6-1 vote with Trustee Ford being the only ‘no’ vote.  She explained that her “peeps” in District F really wanted map 4. Trustee Williams stressed her concern that map 4 would all but eliminate her voters and map 5 provided for the expected growth of Clark County.

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