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NV Freedom Caucus Will Safeguard The 2A From The Feds

Nevada deserves the right to control its own destiny

By Daniel Honchariw, July 31, 2022 3:04 pm

The following op-ed was contributed by Daniel Honchariw and Assemblywoman Jill Dickman on behalf of the Nevada Freedom Caucus.

In a tough election year, one might think Democrats would avoid going all-in on an issue as controversial as gun control. And yet, national Democrats are doing precisely that. 

From an “assault weapons ban” to a complete repeal of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, congressional Democrats have moved forward with a plethora of attempts to restrict and further dilute Americans’ Second Amendment rights at the national level. 

And while the courts might strike down some of the most egregious gun-control proposals moving forward, we cannot depend on the federal judiciary to preemptively thwart unconstitutional gun-grabs. The fact remains that many in Congress feel it is necessary to “do something” following recent mass shootings — even if that “something” would have little or no impact on actually preventing the kind of tragedies we’ve witnessed too often in recent years. 

As a result, states with historical reverence for the Second Amendment — such as Nevada — now find themselves largely at the whim of Washington D.C. elites who would look to fundamentally rollback our inalienable rights for nothing more than short-term political gain.  

The idea that there is a one-size-fits-all national approach to preventing mass shootings reveals a deep ignorance of this nation’s intellectual and political diversity. From New York City to Las Vegas to the rural ranchlands of Esmeralda County, the political views in this nation are as varied as the people. 

That a few hundred representatives in Washington D.C. should be allowed to tell all 330 million Americans how — or even if — they are able to exercise their Second Amendment rights is an insult to the millions of men and women who live outside the progressive bubbles of the nation’s coastal metropolises.  

In other words, Nevada deserves the right to control its own destiny — and that includes the way it has traditionally protected the individual right to keep and bear arms.  

Thankfully, like lawmakers in New Hampshire, the Nevada Freedom Caucus is taking action to ensure our Second Amendment rights remain protected — regardless of what might come to pass in Congress.  

Republican Assemblywoman and Freedom Caucus vice chair Jill Dickman (AD31) just submitted a Bill Draft Request for the upcoming legislative session that would ensure Nevadans remain in control of how firearms are regulated in the Silver State. Similar to the statute recently signed into law by Governor Chris Sununu in New Hampshire, Dickman’s proposal would prevent state and local authorities from cooperating with federal law enforcement on overreaching federal firearm restrictions — such as national assault weapons bans or federal attempts to ban homemade and hobbyist firearms. 

Governor Sununu has described his bill as a prime example of federalism in action — ensuring his state’s law enforcement agencies are focused on enforcing their “own firearm laws,” rather than the priorities of national policymakers. 

Women featured at the capitol at the New Hampshire 2A rally (Photo: Shutterstock)

In effect, the New Hampshire statute forbids gun-control advocates from outsourcing otherwise unpopular gun-control schemes to federal lawmakers — sending a clear signal to Washington D.C. that the citizens of that state are resolved to run their own affairs.  

Like the citizens of New Hampshire, Nevadans shouldn’t have to hold their breath hoping federal policymakers decide not to toy around with our precious constitutional rights. Assemblywoman Dickman’s proposal — supported by the full weight of the Nevada Freedom Caucus — would provide Nevadans the ability to forge our own path on preserving the Second Amendment, ensuring our great state remains a place where citizens know our rights are protected regardless of what political shenanigans take place in D.C. 

We should embrace this opportunity to tell the nation that Nevada is, and will always be, a place that values the rights upon which this nation was founded, including — and especially — the Second Amendment. Assemblywoman Dickman’s proposal merits consideration from state lawmakers as a necessary bulwark against the type of federal political opportunism that threatens to erode our most basic constitutional rights.

Daniel Honchariw is Nevada State Director for the State Freedom Caucus Network. 

Assemblywoman Jill Dickman represents the constituents of Assembly District 31 and serves as vice chair of the Nevada Freedom Caucus.


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