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Attorney Warns of Potential Harm as Trespassers Investigate Reported Alien Sighting

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, June 30, 2023 8:25 pm

LAS VEGAS – An attorney claiming to represent a Las Vegas family who reported aliens in their backyard has expressed concern over potential harm or even shootings if trespassers continue to invade his clients’ property. The incident occurred on April 30, when a meteor streaked across the sky, and around 40 minutes later, a young man called 911 claiming to have witnessed something fall from the sky and encountered alien-like beings in their northwest valley backyard.

Sam Heidari, from Heidari Law Group, issued a statement requesting that individuals stay off the family’s property. Heidari, speaking on behalf of the family, expressed worries about the possibility of injury, as the family is armed and unable to differentiate between trespassers and potential threats.

The incident gained widespread attention, attracting curious visitors to the property. Heidari cautioned against attempting to climb walls or send drones, stating that the family did not possess any aliens or evidence related to the sighting.

Despite keyboard detectives scrutinizing videos and neighbors mentioning a possible landing in the area, the family’s sincerity and fear have led Heidari to believe their account. The family members, however, declined multiple interview requests.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) installed temporary cameras on the property for the family’s safety, but they have since been removed. Trespassing is considered a misdemeanor offense in Nevada, and Heidari mentioned the potential for legal action in civil court against trespassers under exceptional circumstances.

While the mysterious sighting and its aftermath continue to capture public interest, the focus remains on respecting the family’s privacy and avoiding any further intrusions onto their property.

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  1. Beside meteors etc. there are “drone” helicopters,, The MD little bird helicopters manufactured in Mesa Arizona. Designed to carry cargo or evacuate a wounded troop, they have a capacity of about 1500 lbs. Better than carrying cargo in a convoy down a road, they are programmed to fly close to the ground….avoiding troop casualties etc, They frequently fly in formations of 3 to 7 copters, Some are at Sandy Valley and Area 51 and 52 as well as Nelles.

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