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VOTE sign at a polling place. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Poll: 74 percent of Nevadans Support Voter ID

62 percent of Democrats and 68 percent of independents are in favor of showing identification when casting a ballot

By Megan Barth, February 10, 2023 10:49 am

A poll conducted by OH Insights for the Nevada Independent reflects that 74 percent of polled Nevadans support Governor Lombardo’s call to require identification to cast a ballot. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, Nevada is one of fifteen states that requires no documentation to cast a ballot.

Majority of Nevadans support Voter ID (Photo: The NV Indy)

As reported by The NV Indy:

That support was almost universal among Republicans (93 percent in favor; 2 percent opposed). But it also remained high among Democrats (62 percent in favor) and independents (68 percent in favor).

But respondents also largely rebuffed Lombardo’s call to return to the pre-COVID system of opt-in absentee ballots rather than the current opt-out universal mail system.

Asked to choose between different potential mail systems, 24 percent supported sending all registered voters a mail ballot, and another 24 percent supported sending all registered voters ballots but allowing anyone to opt out and vote in person.

Just 35 percent of respondents backed Lombardo’s opt-in mail proposal under which voters would have to request a mail ballot to receive one and 9 percent supported eliminating mail ballots altogether and requiring people to vote in person.

“We’ve tested these issues a lot, and basically voters are in favor of security, like what you saw with the whole voter ID [proposal],” Noble said. “Voters want a secure election. But also what they want is convenience.”

The poll also asked voters if they supported a change to the current law which allows for extended ballot tabulation allowing ballots postmarked/received on election day to be counted up to four days after the election. This delay in the 2022 election caused national and local concern, with former President Trump publicly accusing Clark County of corruption.

According to the poll: “A majority of respondents (53 percent) also backed changing the deadline to return mail-in ballots to Election Day, with 24 percent opposed. That includes a near-majority of Democrats (49 percent) in support, as well as a supermajority of Republicans (68 percent). Though independent voters also broadly backed the proposed change (43 percent), nearly a quarter of independents, 23 percent, neither supported nor opposed it.”

During his State of the State address, Governor Lombardo vowed to implement Voter ID either through legislation or “at the ballot box.”

Republicans of the Nevada Assembly have submitted legislation to meet the Governor’s goal of streamlined, modern, and secure elections. This session, Assemblyman Gregory Hafen will present a bill that makes photo ID a requirement to vote in Nevada. Assemblyman Ken Gray has prepared a bill that requires that ballots to be counted be received no later than 5 p.m. on Election Day. Assemblyman Toby Yurek’s bill calls for an election investigation unit to search for and expose any fraud. Assemblywomen Jill Dickman, Heidi Kasama and Alexis Hansen also will present bills to increase election integrity in Nevada.

Yet, during the Democratic response to Governor Lombardo’s State of the State, Speaker of the Assembly Steve Yeager proclaimed that any legislation related to voter integrity would be “dead on arrival.”

An attempt to get voter ID on the 2022 ballot was led by David Gibbs, President of Repair The Vote, but lawsuits led by Mark Elias’ law firm delayed his attempts.

As reported by The Globe:

“The lawsuits on behalf of Democrat activists Persaud-Zamora and Jeng were filed by lawyers from the D.C. law firm of Marc Elias.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuits claim:

“In reality, the negative effects of strict voter identification laws like those the Petition proposes are well documented, and the need for such measures to safeguard “voter integrity” and prevent voter fraud has been widely debunked and discredited. One widely-cited study found that as many as 11% of U.S. citizens-or more than 21 million Americans-do not have government-issued photo identification. The shortfall does not fall evenly across all demographics: Black, Hispanic, young, and low-income voters are many times more likely to lack these forms of identification than their respective white, non-Hispanic, older, and higher-income counterparts. And the combined cost of document fees, travel expenses, and waiting time needed to obtain even ostensibly “free” identification cards is has been estimated to range from $75 to $175, making it cost prohibitive for many eligible voters to rectify their lack of identification.”

Democratic legislators and Secretary of State Cisco Aguilar have also circulated the debunked talking point that Voter ID suppresses the vote of minority and indigent communities.

In response to this poll, David Gibbs told The Globe: “We tried this effort in 2022 and had a problem in court, but we have resolved that issue to the satisfaction of the judge. We are planning to do a Voter ID ballot initiative for the 2024 election. We will need 40,000 fewer signatures to qualify this time around and we are going to get started earlier. We are now getting organized and we will start gathering signatures in October. We anticipate being successful this time around. We also anticipate getting sued again, but we don’t anticipate any challenge will be successful this time. We now have the governor’s support and Assm. Hafen has submitted Voter ID legislation. It is unlikely to get a hearing because Democrats are listening to their special interests and not their voters. Democrats have a choice, are they going to listen to their voters or their donors?”

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7 thoughts on “Poll: 74 percent of Nevadans Support Voter ID

  1. I have noticed that all kinds of convenience stores etc say they have to Scan ID now for cigarettes alcohol etc.. I believe law was put through by Democrats

  2. In North Carolina the people voted for voter ID and it was passed thru legislation and overwhelmingly passed into our constitution. The democrats sued and lost the case with the NC Supreme Court upholding the ID law. The democrats sued again using different language and have tied it up in the court system. Fascist do not let the peoples vote, a constitution or a court ruling get in their way.

  3. I worked the election this past year. I was shocked that people could walk in register to vote by answering a few questions, show a pay stubs with an address on it and VOTE. We were also told that if the voter’s signature was “close” to how the person originally signed their voter registration, we were not to ask them to re-sign. Allegedly the day of registered voters ballots ended up somewhere so the information could be verified. The whole process needs to be revised. Prior to applying to work the election, I attempted to get involved in the ballot counting process. I received a curt e-mail stating that there were no part time positions needed. I never stated in my inquiry that I was looking for a part time position. I gave up trying . I think positions are granted due to “juice”. I received my training to be a poll pad worker in August and was reprimanded for not remembering everything the latter part of October. The whole experience was quite an eye opener.

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